AO thumbnail concept art [Tech’s AO file]

The background is base on frostmill, The character is Tech’s AO file Marcus Rembrandt

Actually starting working on this since last year but got too lazy to finish it


:poggers2: POGGERS

god damn that looks amazing

Tong, you inspire me to make cover art of my own. You’re truly my inspiration! Tell me how this looks


he looks like the guy from the witcher


I wonder what art is gonna be featured on odyssey feed this time

It’s a mystery…

definitely not this wondrous art, right?

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Of course not, my friendo! :mariomug:

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Glad to see you finally finished it. Tobiemoji_gogogo


kfc in ao

marquise remusbranding low difs exiled

“The Devs control everything, you just don’t know it!”

“Master Tong, you disappoint me… The art community holds you in such high esteem. Surely you can do better.”

Christofer Lee, at his finest.

this is actually glorious

ngl thought he was a well dressed count dooku