AO/WoM Hair and Accessory Model Logs Updated (But I Need Help Finishing Them)

Oh yeah, how would you feel if we changed the pictures to show on the side like so:

You can do that, it might be better for viewing’s sake actually.
By the way I might take a break from the images for a while soon, but I’ll see how many I can get done

Yeah, make sure you are properly rested :D!
Your health is important!

All the photos are in

WOOHOO! Let’s goo!
High five! :raised_hand:

Now all we need is the remaining hairs and the document is complete.

I’ll be on the look out :eyes:
Pretty sure I need Hair 86 to complete my next statue anyways

Hair 7 is up here for some reason and I can’t move it back

Google docs is so finicky :sob:

Yeah it’s kind of annoying when it comes to images in docs

Gonna try something else which should be less buggy:

Should work too, I think.
As long as it’s still clear which hair matches to what image.

Well, first idea didn’t work out too well, but atleast this one does :]
(Also can you get a picture of Hair 18 again? I deleted it by accident >-<)

I saved all the photos so I just need to repaste it into the doc.

yes please send me the green merchant shirt it’s my one true love. Also i know the shirts/trousers were there, but the coat wasn’t there

Yeah cause the merchant jacket wasn’t made by vetex.
I’ll go get it then, give me a bit (have to open studio)


thank you, now i just gotta steal the net


yeah all roblox clothings are made on a template called a net, like those little paper things that make cubes. They fold up to create shapes usually, though in this case it’s the shirt