AO's early access features

ngl I dont think the game is dropping late december/early january lol. There’s still so much left on the to do list


Don’t jinx us man

early access

im just being realistic

Vetex still has to finish dark sea, awakenings, and lost spells/techniques in 2ish months. That’s not even including finishing the story, the rest of the fighting styles and weapon skills

everything said here needs to be in the game on release, vetex said so himself

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lightwork, depends on how much story we have left tbh


source: it was revealed to me in a dream

jk in the QnA vetex said dark seas will be on release and he doesnt want to drop the game without lost spells and awakenings finished.

release could mean full release too and not just early access so

early access IS release :neutral_face:

its A release, he could mean full release or early access

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nah he meant public access, as in when the game is available to the public. Again these are FUNDAMENTAL parts of the game, they can’t just be added later.

You don’t think it can be done in 2 months?

That’s called a fucking release and this again doesn’t specify early access

I think its possible but unlikely.

Regardless, these need to be done by the time the game releases. Especially lost spells and awakenings

vetex is doing story so he’s already probably going to do awakenings at the end of it and he’s confirmed he’ll do lost spells some time after (or maybe he said he’ll start on them soon from when i saw it)

I don’t think dark seas NEEDS to be on early access.

I dont remember where I saw it but im 90% sure Vetex said Dark Seas would be in early access.
Otherwise why would he say he’d show the Dark Sea soon before release if he didn’t plan on implementing it till post EA

me personally i can just wait for the features to come out

any excuse to pick up smth that i’ve been looking forward to and not deal w/ the drag that is dw at times and other games i play every now and then is good enough in my book.

early access was supposed to be a slow release of content overtime till full release anyways, and i didn’t expect stuff like the dark seas, awakenings, etc. to be present by the time early access came. so whether either of the two are there or not by dec or jan is what it is.

not like it’s not gonna get added overtime like the remaining 25-40% of full release shrug.

vetex seems dead set on the dec and jan range and even if he pushes it idm either way.

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He said it’s releasing within the next few months no matter what, even if it’s unfinished.

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