AO's strangies

write down any strange or illogical things here

bro you copied me

and you were literally in that topic too :imp:

i forgor that this topic existed :skull:

sure you did buddy

bro chill

only one of calvus’ attacks inflict charred

I mean, ur topic is a rip-off of arcane oddities

elius can use normal lightning to heal himself but there isn’t anywhere I could find that explains how he’s able to do this


don’t trust optie

Has anyone taken a really close look to see if he isn’t drinking a healing potion while using the lightning strikes as cover.

he is just zeus

I did.

And yes, I can confirm he does drink a healing potion. And its annoying every time.

…Carina doesnt as far as Im aware.

i cant believe optie copied vorf’s post. absolutely shameful.

then technically my topic is an ripoff of an ripoff

It literally is