Apocalypse Bringer Elemental : The World Serpents


Apocalypse Bringer Primordials have an exceptionally complicated and tangled understanding (to say the least). Depictions of them do not speak of great praise or with chronology of worship. Rather, they are even more shattered and broken in their timeline as many appear prophetic in nature. Because of this muddied and winding timeline, there have been many confusions regarding the Apocalypse Bringer Primordials. Once thought to be a single male known as Jörmungandr, depictions of an eerily similar but feminine creature known as Ouroboros would later bring us to believe the existence of at least two individuals. With lesser whispers of a coming doom across coastal ruins of ancient civilizations, the depictions of a writhing mass of tangled serpents that will one day seize the planet of all life seem to suggest a sort of “brood” living deep within our oceans. This brood, however, is even more speculative in nature than of Ouroboros and Jörmungandr, both on the historians’ end as well as those who first told of the coming doom they are supposed to bring.


  • The Devourer of Worlds
  • The Wyrm of Chaos
  • The King of Ruin
  • The Wyrm of All Ends

While many Primordials exist in ancient myth predating the gods and titans before us originate from tales of worship and woe, the legends surrounding the creature known as Jörmungandr are entirely prophetic in nature. The reason gathered for this is that, based on the being’s Magic alone, were it to touch down upon Earth then our very existence would cease as we knew it as the apocalypse began in the serpent’s wake. Opposite to the Life Elemental, the World Turtle, Jörmungandr brings only death, destruction, and chaos on a cataclysmic scale that can bring entire worlds to their end within moments of arrival as its very being attracts Chaos itself.


  • The Infinite Snake
  • The Celestial Serpent
  • The Brood Mother
  • The Tangled Queen
  • The Wyrm of Eternity

For much of history, it was believed that only Jörmungandr existed as the Apocalypse Bringer Elemental, however recent discoveries have since distinguished the Celestial Serpent from the female Ouroboros (another Apocalypse Bringer Elemental). And digging deeper, however, there are tells of one the great World Eaters having already made contact with Earth long before the dawn of man, titan, or god to witness it. Ourobros, a creature of such terrifying titles as the Infinite Snake, Celestial Serpent, and Tangled Queen, also bears with it a name most unexpected: the Brood Mother.

For centuries Ouroboros and Jörmungandr were believed to be the same individual despite the latter being depicted and referred to as male while at the same time mythos of motherhood, birth, parasitism, and cycles surrounded him almost as much as the apocalypse itself. With recent discoveries and reconsiderations made, however, it is now believed that the second World Serpent Ouroboros bore the themes of motherhood, rebirth, and cycles while Jörmungandr symbolized only the end of times in the most brutal manners.

The Winding Brood

  • The Swarm
  • The Slithering Mass
  • The Sea’s Writhe
  • The Thousand Voices/Hisses
  • The Wretched Tangle

Depicted as being physically identical to their parents in all manners but size, the young World Serpents appear as marine serpents with strange eyes, shredded frills, serpentine bodies, and wide smiles. Even as mere larvae, they dwarf even the eldest of Ink Hydras within the ocean, living in the deepest layers of the sea, squirming and writhing together within sea trenches. There, they suck the life force from the exo-planet’s core through benthic vents and volcanos. From the shell, countless of them hatch and escape their egg prisons to find food and energy. Often times, they compete so fiercely and are so voracious that they will attack and consume one another. Such is the cycle of life for them as they continue this until only one remains to grow fat off the nutrients of the once lively exo-planet (or in some depictions World Turtles).

While many legends from cities long shattered and broken speak only of a single Serpent and a coming doom as it approaches, it is evidenced that the snakes have already arrived. Legends, tales, and depictions of entire fleets being consumed by a single gaping maw attracted by the head of an ox in numerous locations across the seas seem to suggest a method of attracting such beasts to the surface. Daring as we Acolytes of the Elements are, none wish to call upon such a creature with even the smallest sliver of success even as what can only be assumed to be mere infants in their life cycles.


  • The God Eater
  • The Victor Spawn
  • The Bringer of Ends
  • The Apocalypse Bringer

The name given to the victor of the brood, there are a countless many ways this creature could enact the end of all ends for life on Earth. From meteor showers and asteroid impacts to solar flares, ice ages, volcanic eruptions, great storms, tectonic movement, disease, magic, famine, or insanity, there are no bounds by which such a beast could bring about the apocalypse, nor is there any such certainty or consistency in its depictions aside from a single serpent wrapped around the planet.

OOC Commentary

it’s going to be a very, very long time before i get around to drawing this, probably. so take some lore i whipped up for them.

it’s extremely likely that i will revamp this (whether it be adding more details or a complete overhaul to the mythos) by the time i get around to making the piece. i was initially going to consider Fenris as well since both are associated with Ragnarök but that sounds excessive and unnecessary to say the least

  • Credits to @ThatOneGuy for the idea of Jörmungandr being the Apoc Elemental


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Poor death elemental got his job yeeted from him.


Death Elementals are more uhhh . . . modest, i suppose. they’re more melancholy and less volatile and their method of death is generally very painful and slow like an infection. kind of hard to explain the dynamic between the three aaaaa

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also he’s only the god of peaceful death, Taborri is Death

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eh, now that I look it up, he’s more like death incarnate, (as he’s why death happens at all) but it’d make sense if he was additionally the god of peaceful death, so yeah

untrue, the Fates are the reason death exists

but no, the Keres embody violent death while Thanatos is stuff like dying in your sleep

actually, it’s both, since:

There was a story of a king named Sisyphus in Greek mythology, who was to die soon. When Thanatos came along, he outsmarted Thanatos by binding him in the chains that he himself was to be bound in. He then hid Thanatos under his own bed (or wherever, as the story varies) and just went on about his day. Later, Ares was watching a war between two armies, but observed that nobody died, oddly. Yeah, they got some pretty fatal injuries, but nobody actually died. Skip forward, and now even Hades is aware that Thanatos got braincell’d. After some time, Thanatos escapes (don’t remember how or if he had help or not) and Sisyphus just straight up got taken to the underworld. He escapes or whatever, but I think that goes to show that, yeah, the Fates are in charge of fate and death, but Thanatos needs to do his job for there to be death at all. Yeah, he’s the god of nonviolent death, but he’s still the personification of death, and he kinda needs to be there for death to exist at all.

TLDR; The Fates control fate, (which includes death) but Thanatos also needs to be there.

mams really forgetting about the keres :pensive:

Keres were cannibals :fr:

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