Arcane Abyss Sea, the Atlantean Infection AU

posting sameria content soon >:3

Revive the ‘can it breed’ thought experiment

“The humans are attacking us again, what do we do”
“Fortify our position”
“Make a good decision”
“How about we just eradicate humans”
“…brilliant idea”

yeah, something along the line

This makes me wonder
How would it be with the 7 seas at the other side of the world in AA?


Well you can write on that
But remember that the seven seas are completely devastated because of Durza’s kaboom

There’ll probably be no mention of anything outside the War Seas in this AU, so its really up for interpretation

Imagine people being there minding their own business, untill they hear the soundtrack being replaced by the dark sea naval combat theme

Mightve accidentally not on purpose killed 20 mutated atlanteans and cooked them…

[OC name] Cooking Skill increased to Excellent

my favourite character: Cooking Skill increased to Excellent

Hear me out
Atlanteanfied sirens

cirrus island is crying right now

nah theyre gonna implement air stallers + warrior aimbotters/nuke builds (as in, AOE, not damage)

sirens thinking theyre safe in the sky vs the airstaller with 500 attack size

":musical_note: Theres an atlantean siren flying through the sky :musical_note: "
“Shoot It Down.”

A bit of a paradox

-humans are the savages because they’re killing sirens and atlanteans
-sirens and atlanteans decide to counteract by pretending to be savages and to attack any human they see
-…now it makes you wonder if the humans are actually killing because of malicious intent or because of self defense…

Maddox WOULD be killing them for fun.

Ashlyn, just… wants to find a golden cooking pot :sob:

I you were took get golden petals, chop them up, and roll them up with paper, could you make cigarettes that make you more immune to all the dark sea stuff?