Arcane Abyss Sea, the Atlantean Infection AU

Survival Guide made by @justjip with illustrations by Natasha_Art on the Art Hub!!

A Trello is in the works to compile all Abyss Sea content, including island and character statuses!: Abyss Sea Trello

do you like the name lol, peak creativity I say

Anyways welcome to the official page for my interpretation of Atlantean Invasion AU, now known as ABYSS SEA.

Synopsis: The magic polluted qualities of the vast Dark Sea that surrounds the six War Seas has expanded its reaches, and now, the humans that once lived in safety from the horrors beyond are now facing a world-ending threat: the Atlanteans.

Grotesque and mangled, these monsters have jumped onto the War Seas like a pack of wolves on a steak, their prey in the millions, just waiting to be consumed. Those who aren’t eaten entirely go through the horrific transformation that is mutating into another one of those nautical beasts, with no purpose left other than to kill.

Fair winds and following seas, castaways. I wish you all the best.

I want this is be more of a community thing, where details of the story fall into place and new circumstances arise from discussion. Please mark any topic created for this AU with “abyss-sea” tag!


how safe are the tops of the Jaws, and are there any survivor groups / did all of redwake move and are now chilling up there?

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I believe they’d be pretty safe for like 3 days, until any survivor up there needs food or water. By then it would be difficult to come back down, as many Atlanteans would be waiting for their prey.

Like someone else said in a reply to another topic Redwake would suffer pretty hard not from not being able to defend themselves, but from their reliance in the sea for its resources, and how the Dark Sea’s poisoning may have affected their main food source.

do they have news of any other sea clusters?
and what happened to the Architect Merlot

Nooooo Tilly got infected. At least she wont be held for ransom anymore

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also uh what are the effects on awaking magic users like Enizor (like he unlocked snow magic)

Enizor: I suppose so, hah. While you were gone, I had a sudden epiphany… I guess the adrenaline from the Dark Sea awakened something in me. To think, after all these years, I am a mage after all…”

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This is giving me that atf zombie apoc au vibe

Merlot’s status is currently undetermined, and can be interpreted for now. If you have any suggestions pls feel free to give them!!

Since this focuses on the War Seas, there will probably be no mention of the other sea clusters, but it is implied that they are also experiencing similar things. Any communication they had between each other has been cut.

I’m sure that the magic poisoning of the Dark Sea has many effects on the people living in the War Seas, whether it be good (unlocking hidden potential) or bad (yknow, like insanity, loss of control over magic, literally turning into an Atlantean)

still figuring out those details

This was loosely inspired by the ATF series!

She’s terrifying, as she’s learned to mimic cries for help to lure in unsuspecting survivors

The soldiers of Jotunheim turning it into a competition on who can kill the most Atlanteans, the winner gets a signed battle axe from Wotan

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This brings up the interesting point of how this would affect other places culturally. How will they integrate the Atlantean situation into their daily lives? I can imagine places like Jotunheim with a more physically capable population to be able to outlast and adapt to the invasion.

mutated Morden is probably just full on not a real threat, no more than any other atlantean.
I mean if Beringer is still alive and Fort Talos was destroyed for different reasons then Morden never went through the events that leads him to the death curse lol.

it’d be sad to us but the only person he had left already forgot about him anyways.

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Since this doesnt follow the original AO timeline Morden found the Death Curse himself (or through another way, not sure yet), but ended up being the first infected on the way back.

He became Patient θ, and is currently held in the Order testing facilities. So yes, he isn’t a threat currently.

A cursed atlantean in the order’s hands, what could possibly go wrong.
It isn’t like anybody’s escaped those facilities before or anything.

absolutely not!!! their facilities are so secure and not breachable

and morden is definitely not agressive at all, i cant imagine hed ever consider retaliating :blush::blush::blush:

lowkey it would be sick if Merlot’s claws turned into part of his hands, his mask into his actual face like Argos, and his dagger sorta just becomes, part of an extension of his right claw?

Reason why he got infected being that he got jumped by an Atlantean Kai whilst fighting on the surface who came from an infected navy brig that crashed into Whitesummit.

Kai got infected whilst holding off a horde at Palo Town whilst conducting evacuactions and only turned after getting aboard his ship, proceeding to infect his crew and using some fragments of memories opted to NOT go to Silverhold, causing the ship and its infected crew to drift off, eventually crashing into Whitesummit.

Kai’s mutated form would be basically inspired from a swordfish, execpt the “sword” is actually a sword/his sabre. his sabre just got jammed into his somehow whilst fighting his crew and his mutations just adapted it into his body.

cant believe this au now has tragic kailot, you are cooking an entire meal with this one