Arcane Abyss Sea, the Atlantean Infection AU

(now I will be expecting payments in bobux)

Also I really need to stop procrastinating and finish the thing I started

1, Hell yeah
2, defeating some sirens for a crew? thats it? hold my musket, eagle patrimony, acid magic and canon fist
3, why use diving bell when you got 100% air capacity and 90% swim speed?

Kid named stamina

kid named ravine ledges

kid named giant white eyes and random megalodon spawns

kid named sharkrepel

The (Dark) Abyss Sea is real!!!

Whats the date in which Shell Island was raided by atlanteans? I am starting a small fanfic of a OC in the abyss sea

i need to learn to draw good so i can participate in this :sob:

no specific date, but 1854 is the year

wait… what exactly happened to sailor’s lodge? im confused

it just got overrun, no specifics so far

am planning to write what happens in all islands sometime

it would be sick to imagine sailor’s lodge under siege and just having maya, meng ozun, steleus and kjartan defend


I feel like Sailor’s lodge would be barely defendable cuz the thing would probably fall apart after a few mortar barrages

what happens to mango isle gonna go crazy :100: :speaking_head: :fire:!!!

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you guys aint ready for mango isle :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:

you know, literature is also good

mango’s going to be growing urchin spikes :mango: