Arcane Abyss Sea, the Atlantean Infection AU

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Notable Bronze Legion Units/Remnants and their nicknames

Frostmill Legion - “The Frozen Ensigns”

the Frostmill Legion, made up of mostly ensigns, with a single centurion and two legionnaries being the only out of the 30 soldiers they would get wiped out relatively early in the Atlanteans attack, being the first line of defense for Frostmill. only one would survive a year into the invasion, a lucky ensign who somehow got carried from Frostmill on an iceberg all the way to Orthys, confusing the shit out of the legion over there.

Talos Legion - “The Dungeon Dwellers”

living up to their nickname, the Talos Legion dwell under the ruins of Fort Talos. the majority of them died when Talos was destroyed, with 1/5th of them forced into the depths. the survivors would form into large huddles, and at first would send out parties to recover weaponry and supplies. for a while, these groups went undisturbed, until many rapidly went missing or were brutally mutilated. after many who were in the hallways literally outside of the main rooms the survivor huddles stayed in, a brig’s worth of soldiers dipped and sailed straight for Orthys.

Shell Legion - “The Condemned Warriors”

the Shell Legion were a group of 100 or so soldiers, many died in fighting over Monoah village, leaving roughly 30 in a brutal war of attriton. it would start after the men resting at Camp Gladius came out to replace what they thought would be exhasted allies found the half-eaten and mutilated corpses of those men, morale dropped like an anvil. it was then followed by the discovery of the corpses of the men in the mines being brutalized by a mutated soldier. slowly, they got picked off before all of Camp Gladius was wiped out in a meatgrinder of sorts. the only survivors were those guarding the people in the ancient ruins and those guarding the people on the hills. eventually the Orthys Legion sent a ship to evacuate what remained of Shell Island’s people.

Whispering Legion - “The Forsaken Miners”

the men of the Whispering Legion are really more of a ragtag group of Bronze Legion survivors who took up residence at the Whispering Caverns. with it originally being thought to be haunted due to it’s proximity to Askurius Keep, it was forsaken and no one dared to enter it’s depths. however, these brave survivors would eventually make a small home out of the place hidden in the mine’s depths, and would joined by various survivors who somehow made their way to it.

Cirrus Legion - “The Sky Rats”

hated by the Legions at sea, the Cirrus Legion is made of a group of deserters who early on in the invasion dropped their duties and climbed the Stepstones, leading to numerous civilian deaths at Ravenna and rapidly speed up it’s fall. the deserting rats would form a fort in the skies. suprisingly they would defend Cirrus Island, rather than their own homeland, though many Ravennean refugees resented them. they are nothing but cowards, if there is a god out there, strike them down.

Cassia Legion - “The Forgotten Mariners”

the Cassia Legion would be mostly wiped out in an Atlantean attack at Cassia Port, with the remaining men escaping off to a small fort in the middle of Cassia Bay. the survivors mainly made up of dockworkers, shipwrights, and chandlers who weren’t really experienced in combat, and so got out of the way so they didn’t get hit by the actual fighters. the few survivors that are combatants were at various lookout posts or were stationed at the fort before the port’s destruction.

Ravenna Legion - “The Stalwart Buried”

though forced under the mountain after the fall of Ravenna’s surface, morale is suprisingly high among the soldiers. sworn to do their duty, they stand tall knowing full well that the people they love and protect will die if they fall. faced with unwinnable circumstances, these men will protect the civilians of Ravenna with their lives. though they may be in a sense buried alive, though they cannot run, though they cannot win, they will fight.

Orthys Legion - “The Mountain Men”

the largest of the remnants, the Orthys Legion led a large exodus to Mount Orthys. this would exodus would form one of, if not the largest survivor groups in the Bronze Sea, and maybe all of the war seas. in addition, they are the only remmants actively training new members. though new survivors come to the mountain, said survivors are forced to scuttle their ships if they wish to enter the mountain. the Orthys Legion fights to protect their people, and honor the memory of Feremius Lurco, the Torchbearer.


martin speedrunning all of these islands like it’s ultrakill

Gonna be reformatting the “Current Interpretations” section of each island’s cards a bit since its a bit messy rn

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if a siren pulled up to Palo Town which would attract more people, the Siren or Mayor Tilly

they have a sing off right then and there

the random scavenger looting palo when a fucking rap battle starts in the street next to them:

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Epic rap battles…

Bird Human


Coughing Dolphin!!!

'bout to go down in the entirety of roblox history


I always had a thought; Morden (from Cannon) meeting Patient 0 Morden (Morden in this AU) interaction…?

Also I just drew what the cannon Revon reacting how Calvus in this AU got infected

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nobody said anything about the pirates that roam the bronze sea, what happened to them? did they just all flee to Corsair Country?

also what about the nimbus sea? how is the abyss sea there?

We can assume the pirates are doing everything to survive rn. Plundering supplies from convoys meant for settlements and attacking Atlantean ships and other ships like the GN

i have been drawing canon characters meeting their abyss counterparts for fun too :sob:

its basically just them going :fearful::fearful::fearful: at each other

Neviro looking at Siren Neviro trying to figure out the logistics of how this happened:

i only saw this now and why was that EXACTLY what i drew :sob: