Arcane Adventures/Odyssey: Chaos Mode

Chaos Mode is a Mode in the RPG Maker fangame, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: The 7th Stand User, introducing random and completely new events and alternate paths in the game’s story, each event unique to chaos mode primarily appearing based off of RNG or by the player’s choosing, ensuring that every playthrough of chaos mode can be wildly different.

Examples of Chaos Mode events in JJBA:7SU are;

  • You can continuously refuse a prompt to summon your stand at the start of the game, which leads to a premature ending if done enough times.
  • Jotaro can die from smoking too much, causing a game over.
  • The battle against Devo and Ebony Devil, one of the game’s boss fights, can be skipped entirely as there’s a chance that the Player Character and Polnareff don’t notice him in the fridge, causing him to freeze to death.
  • 2 Original Characters, Utah and Rainbow, who usually don’t have much of a role in the story outside of serving as Optional Bosses you can fight throughout the playthrough, can actually be recruited by the player if they are lucky enough and they even have their own special endings much like the other 6 main party members.
  • The Runaway Girl, can return later on in the story and is revealed to be a stand user.
  • You can kill several characters who didn’t die in the original storyline of Part 3, such as Mannish Boy, Midler and Elder D’Arby if your Player Character’s Bad Karma is high enough. This grants you access to a new mechanic called Surplus Fate Energy, which allows you to prevent the deaths of certain characters such as the aforementioned Utah if the requirements to save them are met.
  • Several random events can occur that relates to other JoJo media such as:
  • a small nod to the Part 3 OVA, where after ripping out Kakyoin and Polnareff’s flesh buds, Avdol will burn the flesh bud with Magician’s Red’s flames.
  • In Polnareff’s Intro scene, he has a chance to be disguised as a waiter in the restaurant you find him in, which is a reference to UroJoJo.
  • And you can trigger a whole additional fight that references “Genesis of the Universe” by falling asleep on the train to India, where you fight 2 characters from the light novel alongside Pesci from Part 5.

The rest of the events can be found here:

Now, you might be wondering, TAITC, why have you been talking about a random mode in a random JJBA fan game that nobody really talks about? Because: First of all, this game is a good, and second of all, I’m bored and I thought that putting this in the Arcane Games would be funny.

So this is what this thread is for. Make up random events that could randomly appear throughout the AA or AO storyline if Vetex ever added a theoretical “Chaos Mode” to both games.

Examples of “Chaos Mode” events could be:

  • There’s a rare chance that Morden does not recognize the player character and they washed up on Dawn Island simply by coincidence and happenstance as they were not experimented on unlike Morden and Tucker. If this event happens, you will have no access to Magic for a majority of the playthrough and most Player backstory events related to their experimentation will be omitted from the story. Oddly enough, the player can still damage curse users with their other attack types.
  • When prompted to wake up at the start of the game, if you wait for 5 minutes or longer, a secret ending will play where Morden mistakes you for a dead corpse and buries you alive.
  • A random event where Morden dies instead of Tucker. Changes major story beats throughout the story, mainly that Tucker is now a major side character, and how he steals the Life Curse instead of the Death Curse like Morden does.
  • Your character has a rare chance to spawn with Animal Ears and a Tail permanently equipped on themselves, you cannot take them off. Only a cosmetic change outside of affecting some minor bits of dialogue.
  • When meeting Shura for the first time, a prompt can rarely appear in his intro dialogue where you can ask him politely to leave. He will listen and will leave the Southern Jaws, skipping his Boss Fight.
  • Upon fighting Elius for the first time, a unique cutscene has a rare chance to play where he trips on one of his arena pillars, falls over and snaps his neck, skipping his boss fight entirely.


i agree, still havent finished it yet cause of laziness but its… fun

im guessing because we are still “special” ? maybe we are still what we are in the original game, just didnt get captured… yet


fck yes

additionally, Carina will also laugh her a$$ off and insult him non-stop for at least half an hour ( unskippable, it start again if you log off ) before actually fighting you


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(This is joke, don’t ban me please)

Well, to not be too off-topic, I think you are joking rn, since this mode will destroy balance, cuz VERY LUCKY and VERY UNLUCKY people exist and for the fact, im the second one and im sure, if this mode somehow would work, then my character will die over and over again by some random boulder falling from the Stepstones.

chance for carina to shatter both her legs when she drops down in her cutscene, which will then cause the fight to just be prince revon but with more health


This is stupid I love it

  • Upon the prison breakout scene, there is a chance of your character flat out dying from sheer shock, ending the story.
  • The privateer has a chance of appearing during the quest to find him, promoting a fight and you murking him, ending his story.
  • Ruby has a chance of appearing at Fort Talos, tipped off by Morden. He doesn’t do anything though, just sort of lending a hand when you escape.

Cat tails and Catears for free on all my files… and all equipped

good suggestion

King Calvus IV
would miss stabbing Neviro and hit the players head - the games then will teleport you 6 years later waking up from brain damage with the whole story over and with all of the characters moved on from their lives of adventures and now have settled down.

now you would have the choice to settle down with them or start your own adventure as a lone wolf to find out what the hell is a “Neurotrauma”

  • If Morden stays alive, the player has an opportunity to get the Death Curse themselves via his Journal in the Dark Sea, getting you a Time Traveler/Paradox Badge. This time it’s fully obtainable
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  • Adds an Option to kill Prince Revon after defeating him, ending his story.
  • Adds an Option to kill Iris after defeating her, signifigantly changing the story.
  • Edward Kenton will permenantly abandon you if you join the GN even once.
  • There is a chance for General Argos to not notice you when you spy on him in Fort Talos
  • There is a chance that the Privateer will refuse to give you information, forcing you to find the secret passage yourself
    • Similarly, there is a chance for the secret passage to be blocked off, forcing you to find an alternate way in.
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kenton fucking dies holding off half the ravenna army because he has no aoe except for whirlwind

  • when you defeat prince revon, there’s a chance that a new interaction option appears instead of the “I’m sorry” and “he deserved it” stuff, where your character literally spits on revon’s face.

  • enzior has a small chance randomly to get a heart attack and temporarily be unable to do anything for several ingame days as he is recovering.

  • If you fight calvus wearing any maid gear or, you unlock completely new dialogue, revealing that calvus has an “interesting attraction” to that type of fashion.

  • Lord elius has a chance to kill himself through the following means:
    ~ He slips when jumping onto a pillar and falls off the island. instead of respawning, he literally just dies.
    ~ He electrocutes himself via getting struck by real lightning in his 1st phase.
    ~ He slips up using his scimitar rush attack and gets impaled by his own spear.

  • There is an EXTREMELY small chance that upon death, NPCs will violently explode killing everything (including you) in a massive radius.

  • Shop NPCs can just flat out refuse to offer you service at random.

  • Your character has a chance to obtain scurvy, which causes them to take passive damage and obscure vision, as well as weaken damage. You can die from this, and to avoid it, you must eat oranges at sea occasionally.

  • Elius has a rare chance to be replaced by an NPC of vetexgames, whos attacks are much stronger and unpredictable due to his aether lightning.

  • Argos can just die mid-fight of health complications due to his old age.

  • Ruby Roger has a chance to help you escape during the escape the ravenna mines thing.

  • Carina can mess up her introduction and faceplant into the floor before her bossfight, causing her to be debuffed via humiliation and being pretty badly wounded.

  • Julian can completely miss your character, making you skip the entire arc of the ravenna mines, and instead cause you to have a very hard boss battle with him. After getting him down to 50%, morden and iris join you to help defeat him.

  • Your boat has an unfathomably small chance to violently explode and kill everything around it (including you), when you respawn, your boat can be re-docked at full HP.

  • There’s a small chance several things from other roblox games can happen during your adventure in the warseas.
    ~When in a party, and someone joins with you, you’ll hear the announcer from decaying winter say “A new agent has joined your team”, also, when someone on your party dies, you’ll hear the announcer say “warning, an agent on your team is down”
    ~SBS OST has a rare chance to replace certain island OSTs
    ~Phighting OST has a chance to play during combat, and when under a certain threshold of HP, Stylish pickup begins to play, starting at the heist part.
    ~There’s a random ice cream cone that’s hidden on every server, collecting it prompts a cutscene that’s Identical to the one in robot 64, just with your character instead of beebo.
    ~ Any ship that aggros you has a chance to scream “STRENGTH IN NUMBERRS!!!” just like the TDS commander.
    ~ Any wood magic spell has an unfathomably rare chance to be replaced with a paper spell.
    ~Frostmill island brigands have a chance to be replaced with deepwoken frostdrawer. They aren’t nearly as dangerous as they are in Deepwoken (since our player character is a literal monkey with obscene mobility) but it’s still a fun touch.
    ~Upon being killed by another player, there’s a rare chance that the super scuffle death screen will play instead of fading to black, saying things such as “you got bloxxed by (NAME)” and whatnot
    ~Similarly, there’s a rare chance that an option to “strike a pose” will appear when killing a player or a boss, referencing super scuffle.
    ~General Argos has a rare chance to be replaced by biograft from phighting
    ~Lady carina has a rare chance to be replaced by Sword from phighting
    ~Shadow magic blasts have a rare chance to be replaced by Rush or Ambush from doors, this is purely visual.
    ~Jack from Doors can jumpscare a player if they open any door, this is incredibly rare.
    ~The figure from doors has a rare chance to replace any hostile NPC, it doesn’t have as much mobility, but it’s attacks are much larger, far more dangerous, and it can enter an enraged state, boosting it’s power further.
    ~The umbra from TDS can replace lady carina rarely
    ~Chief alfarin has a rare chance to be replaced by Puro, referencing transfur games.
    ~The gladiator from TDS has a rare chance to replace Shura.
    ~A green scout from TDS has a rare chance to replace calvus.
    ~Any explosion spell has an extremely small chance to be replaced by a sun magic spell.
    ~Any Fire spell has an even smaller chance to be replaced by a random GFC spell.
    ~There’s a rare chance that calvus can be replaced by a pharoglyph from Loomian legacy.
    ~There’s a rare chance that Iris is replaced by an Infernix
    ~There’s a rare chance that morden is replaced by a harvesect, at the start of the game on dawn island, Morden is an Eidohusk.
    ~There’s a rare chance Neviro gets turned into one of those ugly ass humanoid NPCs in loomian legacy.
    ~Probably the rarest thing on this list, but your character has a chance at any given moment to clip into the backrooms, where you can fight hostile backrooms entities as if they were normal NPCs. They give good EXP.
    ~There’s a rare chance that any of your weapons will become golden and deal significantly increased damage and have much larger AoE temporarily. This is a reference to arsenal.
    ~There’s a very, very small chance that a time paradox happens, replacing the sailors lodge with an oceanic research station from Innovation Inc.
    ~Another time paradox is your character can apply to be apart of Shovelware studio’s brain game via an NPC at Rasna. The prizes will instead be things like galleons and weapons, very rarely, even things like lost spells and boss drops.
    ~Various gloves from slap battles have a chance to appear in chests as obtainable weapons, they only have 1 or 2 skills based on what the glove does in the real game.

  • Typing “mimhere island is real” in the chat will prompt any OST to be replaced by a clipped version of dark fantasy. starting at the “can we get much higher” part

  • Your character, NPCs, and story characters, occasionally fart or burp, I regret nothing.


Also to note; The concept of a “chaos mod” has already been modded into several other games. There’s videos of YouTube where people play GTA games with a chaos mod installed, and it’s, well, chaos, with insane random events happening every minute or so.

I have no clue it apparently originated from something so specific as a Jojo fangame. Or was the chaos mod in the Jojo fangame inspired by the GTA chaos mods? It’s a “chicken or the egg” situation.

I was only mainly introduced to it by JJBA: 7th Stand User. The chaos mods for GTA likely came first since 7SU came out in 2014, but I’d argue they’re very different as the Chaos Mode in 7SU mainly affects the storyline while the GTA Chaos Mode mainly affects the gameplay.

Chaos Mode in 7SU Is intended to be an optional togglable mode. And most of it’s effects do not affect PvP in any way as they are mostly Story-centric. It does still suck for unlucky players as most of the bad events such as random Superbosses and negative status are rng based, but as always, this is not a suggestion, this is just for fun about a purposefully unbalanced mode with unique events that would be funny and unexpected.

More funny events:

  • Diavolo from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 5 can randomly appear as a fightable NPC in random places throughout your journey. He is incredibly weak, only being able to fight with basic punches, but is quite rare and gives a lot of exp when killed, as well as giving you a hidden achievement upon killing him called: “Canon Death”.
  • There’s a 1/100 chance upon beating Architect Merlot or a 1/10 chance upon beating Commodore Kai, you can recruit them as quartermasters. Merlot does not have any requirements to recruit him, but to recruit Kai, you need to be part of the Grand Navy, with a Positive Reputation, if you stray from both of these requirements, he will leave you.
  • When fighting Cernyx in Chaos Mode, there’s a rare chance that upon entering his second phase, he will also summon 10 slightly stronger Greenwish Cultist NPCs all collectively called “Cernyx’s Harem”.
  • Midway through the game, there’s a chance that Enizor dies of old age and you can no longer equip him as a quartermaster.
  • Also, Enizor has a rare chance to appear in the Prison Break sequence, stating that his broken back “feels better”, implying that he didn’t participate the first time because his back hurt.
  • When going down the stepstones there’s a rare chance that an event will occur where instead of being completely ok after falling back to the bottom, your character’s legs fucking explode and you have to ride on a wheelchair for the rest of the game.
  • Upon beating Chaos Mode, you have the option to access a 1 player server universe known as the Dev Room. You can do ANYTHING in the Dev room such as change your level, refight bosses, and get any item in the game, however if you leave the dev room, it permanently erases any save file you use to access it.

thank you for giving me idea

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bro why is this a good idea tho

Merlot becomes a “Syndicate deserter” and aids the player on their journey.

He’s unique in that he helps to fight hostile NPCs when raiding a ship