Arcane April day... 34?

Arcane April didn’t really have a proper finish, the event died out and nothing came out for Day 31. So here we go…

My favourite memories… I got a few.

One was when I was invited into SunCry… by Jason. Controversial. For all we know I could be a Pedo too.

Another one has to be the RPs. BNT started my WoM/AO Rp experience well. Then came Robobitch Odyssey. I liked creating my own plot, my own characters. Thank you BNT and Robotistics :heart:

Next… this one makes my smile everytime. On the first week of the Storyline Update. This YouTuber called Ninja Dragony would host these boss hunting events, obviously until things got boring. So many people came and it was so fun. I got a Vastira and Minotaur’s chestplate. This is kind of what led me to join SunCry. Ily NinjaDragony pls return to WoM.

Here is one I’ll cherish for a while. I managed to convince one of my friends at school to play WoM. He was not at all the kind of person to play this. He literally plays Transformers games still. Somehow.
There was this moment where he fell into the sea just north of Riverville. He kept struggling and couldn’t get back up. I was laughing my head off. Especially when he said “WHY IS THERE A DEAD BODY?!?” And the dead body was a bandit who was trying to kill him.

WoM is an amazing game and AO better live that on.


ayo I’m adding that to day 31 section

I think he was just trying to lure you in

For Day 34 it should also follow the rule of a similar name


I will haunt your nightmares for as long as you live

Robautistic :pensive: