Arcane legacy

they got fucking mutations?

not yet but theres gonna be mutations

nvm most atrochious game i’ve played

i spotted a mod using sun magic but im 100% sure it isnt near finished at alll

found it.

sun magic exists somewhat because yknow, theos uses it (an admin told me this)

they added sun magic as a mod spec before fixing the damn game

at least they have cool particles

before the revamp and all they literally had shit like promethean fire curse (or something similar) for specs instead of fixing the latency hell issue

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sounds like average roblox devs tbh

mistakes were made

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Ah… Free at last. O Gabriel, Now dawns thy reckoning, and thy gore shall glisten before the temples of man. Creature of steel… My gratitude upon thee for my freedom, but the crimes thy kind have committed against humanity are NOT forgotten. And thy punishment… is DEATH

someone make a cursed ar/al moments thread


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