Arcane Odyssey - Artist Application Instructions

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Is there a way to see feedback from the request we’ve sent? Even if it wasn’t accepted?

How can you edit already sent requests?

So I’ve been trying to find a way to re-edit my first request and can’t seem to find it in “my posts”, am I doing it wrong?

Nevermind I figured it out and I have sent 3 messages because my goofy ah misread the instructions and trying to find a way to delete it

Edit: Found out how and I spent 30 minutes trying to find how to edit a request, I feel incredibly dumb but that’s probably the 3:00 AM effecting me

can any recruiters check my membership request for the artist role… its been 6 days since i posted my art and i really wanna post fanart, thx

Haven’t had any responses for rejection of my request, is there a way to remove your old request for a new one?

@Nikolas @calcifer

I’ve cleared the older requests just now (iirc there are currently two requests left to discuss with the other artist recruiters). If you didn’t get any response, it’s likely that your request got rejected (or you didn’t apply via membership request, or stalemate, or I’ve accidentally overlooked your forum request, or something else I didn’t see coming).

If you’ve been waiting for application results and didn’t get any response, you can now resend your artist membership request! (And make sure to follow the submission guidelines!)

And if you notice that you can’t send three art content in the submission message:

  • You can submit the art content via link, such as imgur or other image hosting sites
  • If I recall correctly, you can edit your request message to include additional images, or reply to your request message

If you’re stuck anywhere or you have any questions/concerns regarding artist submission, feel free to shoot me a message on forums or contact me on Discord! (BNTarwarn#4444)

hi i followed ur instructions and resubmitted three ao related art on my reapplication now

Thanks man and will do