Arcane Odyssey | Cooking Update

A brief overview on the cooking system in AO.



Gonna watch this, be back

Hell yeah

hell yeah nice

You a legend.
Alright. I got work.

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I wish you the best.

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Legendary. Never knew food could look so good on roblox until now. Also do I see a blue ship in the background?

That’s probably a dyed ship. If so I’m glad to have that mechanic back in this game.

Agreed. It looks spectacular from just seeing a glimpse of it. It looks better then all of AR ships combined

Gonna be watching this multiple times everyday til the next ao video comes out

If anybody can. Can somebody gimme some clips from this video? Like the cooking time and such? To lazy to do it and have no idea how to have the clip with good quality or such :pensive:

It takes like 2 seconds to cook it, and I don’t think there is a cool down between adding the items.

Not possible but I do hope for custom foods

I mean, like certain clips of the video. Not the description or details of what’s going on in the message.

Filling up a file.

O ok sorry

Cooking looks sick

Abraham Lincoln has left the server

Great update video

The library?


Don’t think that’s the library. Probably a random wilderness island.