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Which magics? If you’re confident with your aim personally I’d stick with the attack speed, but if you like having a bit of extra size to make things easier then you could opt for that as well

Wind and snow mage.

Intensity would make my speed aura better, give me a longer window to freeze people with snowy, and would shorten the cooldown of cori’s ultimate art blast.

can bosses even be inflicted with dot status effects?

i know they can be frozen and they can die from ash and poison cloud but in both my poison mage and weapon file, i didnt seem to be able to inflict bleeding or poisoned on bosses

or maybe the damage is so small i didnt notice, pretty sure my weapons didnt make Argos bleed tho…

nvm i just remember that 2 of my weapons are blunt, will replace them with sharp weapons and check again

wait does only the lmb inflict bleeding??? on the wiki it seems so…

You never answered my question

id recommend going at least 50+ on any secondary stats for noticeable effect, and between size and intensity, id say i like intensity more ( funny wind knockback ) and that ult cooldown reduction is useful too

Another question:
which is better for an intensity focused warlock build, Poison magic or Acid magic?
and which fs, Thermo or Iron leg?

when fighting king calvus on my mage file i can inflict poison on him
the DoT can also interupt his nuke spell btw

oh okay thanks, ig either weapon skills dont inflict bleeding and only their lmb or my bleeding is just straight up too little to be noticeable

I’m not sure which category I belong in so I’m gonna just put some tips I know in here

When saving castaways you don’t have to wait for them to get on your ship
W + W + Space is a further jump, sneaking a Shift in can also charge your energy without stopping, there is a G version but it’s a waste of stamina(imo)
Equipping Claws weapon can help you climb slightly faster(needs to be “used” in your hotbar)
Good mal types for fighting are (imo) balanced meals, having invigorating, energizing, and recovery. The 4th item can be a spice that increases status durations
Palo Town is a go-to spot for seaweek grinding
Only merchants that are over level 100 have a chance to sell Arcspheres
Sometimess Sealed Chests spawn inside cannons, look closely after you sink a ship
Hide in trees if you’re bounty hunting, or being bounty hunted, and don’t use named moves
Lanterns don’t give much help at diving spots
Cargoes from Ravenna to Shell Island give 12% of your XP bar and 31 Galleons profit
Lost Cargo heals 7.5% of your Ship HP

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what the shit i never knew this thanks

does anyone have a spreadsheet or like document showing all the stats of current magics?

There is one on the wiki:

It is the table called base magic stats

When it comes to AO PvP, how does it differ from PvE? If I were to want to try it do I just ask people? Or just just the bounty hunting system?

Also can I just use any build I want for PvP, or should I stick to at least things that are considered good builds?

Also what do I do with my money, since I lose money if I have more than 1000?

pvp is quite different in pve in many ways. your opponent doesnt have aimbot and annoying ai, but also client sided attacks can be annoying.
i suggest just starting off by asking around for people to start pvping with. any build works, but you want to make sure your armor stats are right and good (i can give you a build)
when pvping, you want to think about where the opponent will go, and not is currently, and you want to stay away from close range.

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I’d actually appreciate an example build. My only real concern is my habit of making new files meaning I’d have to grind boss drops for multiple files, but that’s fine. (Sunkens are out of the question, and I don’t really wanna start trading yet(especially with dupes floating around))

Also: where can I find the aura stats for magic? Like, glass has the worst resistance aura, but what is average resistance aura, whats best resistance aura, ect

you just gotta use logic ig
fastest magic = fastest speed aura
heaviest magic = highest res aura

example build

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Ah man, common sense, my weakness… (Thanks for example build. I always tended to go ham with two stats only. Probably why I either became a tank with no damage or a glass cannon. )

Does Vitality contribute to Savant? (Basically, if I had a build that was magic, strength, and vitality, all below 40%, would it be savant or warlock?)

How many status effects can be applied at one time? Can I have two DOT status effects simultaneously?

Also: I remember seeing ThatOneGuy saying they’d leave the forums, maybe should remove them from the helper’s list? I could be wrong tho.

Yup, if you invest in any 3 (or 4) stats you can become a savant, including vitality. It’s pretty rare to see people running a vitality savant though

As long as they don’t clear each other, there’s no limit. You can be poisoned, corroded, and burning at the same time

Magma-Thermo and Acid-Thermo warlocks are popular since they apply burning + another DoT at the same time in one hit. With the gel potions coming in the next update, there’ll be a bunch more people applying 2 DoTs at the same time with their attacks

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Does rowboat get affected by agility(or that stat that makes you go fast(comes from nimble enchant))?

What are the odds of me getting a specific part from a sealed chest(Is it one in every single possible ship part, is it lopsided(some parts more rare than others), ect)

Oh, and: Does this game round in damage calc(is the rounding just visual or “true”)?