Arcane Odyssey Hot Takes?

Now that AO is out drop your unpopular opinions


treasure charts are dogshit (yes even exotic and legendary) if you’re max level
spend 4m finding and fighting pirate ship → get 1~3 sealed chest + crapton of other chests + enemy drops
spend 40m trying to get the perfect spot 4 times → get 4~5 sealed chests and some other loot
only good if you’re already on the island or you have like 3 scrolls on the same island


I dislike the reduced focus on magic. (The lost spells card was archived, and you can forget your magic entirely :frowning: )
I don’t like that you need to invest in weapons to use any weapon skills at all.
Sailing is boring and I would enjoy the game far more if the distance between islands was reduced. Naval combat is also a complete drag I usually just sink ships by making them crash into islands over and over again + captains are waaaaaay too strong relative to the sizes of their ships. (Sailboat captain level 121 with weapon arts, two magics, and magic ultimate spells !?!?)
As a matter of fact while leveling up I find that npcs as a whole need to CHILL with their impossible builds.

I don’t like how many different build stat types there are (more than triple the default file count, almost double the gamepass file count.)
Vitality builds feel like bloat.


The NPCs aren’t impossible, just fight lv100 or higher bounties until you learn what each build did

I wish my rival had a better build since he does thermo and snow (he’s crippling himself)

But yeah them captains get annoying af

My hot take is that Bounty NPCs should go up to 150 or 170. These 130 ass mfs don’t feel like a challenge, let alone worthy of execution. Shit gets boring once the only thing that can challenge you are premade bosses (which are the reason shit gets boring)


I would prefer living NPCs even if it meant sacrificing frames


POV: You destroyed your first ship but then the captain says “Ultimate art:”



there’s already a lost spell in the game, pulsar, and more are planned to be added

I personally ADORE the ship combat it’s one of the highlights of the game for me (also if you kill a boat with anything other than cannons or a ram it drops less loot)

the captains are bullshit when you’re lower level, but at max they’re fine

vit builds really do feel like bloat, maybe they’ll get better when spirit weapons are added?


lord elius wasn’t that hard, and fishing is the most mind numbing soul crushing task ever and it should be completely overhauled


You have to arm wrestle the fish to catch them

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readding the map marker is not that fucking bad


I completely agree with everything besides island distance and ship combat. I hate boarding a ship with 20 sealed chests on mine and getting in a 200 damage boxing combo while the other pirates are attacking me and then I get killed before I can use a move and then I lose all the stuff on my ship. ADD BEDS TO SHIPS PLEASE!!! This would literally solve so many problems! MAKE SHIP A RESPAWN POINTTT


Completely agree with ship captains, they are annoying as hell. I usually sink a ship then pull a good distance away and try to snipe the captain to lure him out alone, then do as much damage as I can before he gets to my ship. :persevere:

And then sometimes the ship despawns before I can kill the captain and board it!

  • Give m1s a bit more love (but not too much)

  • Enemy ship Ai needs some improving, navy ships would keep bumping into me, ships crash into islands and tbh the enemy ships aren’t challenging enough (especially when you have a 7k hp ketch with arcanium canons)

  • health regen is slow, killing enemies and waiting long times for health to regen is a drag

  • conjurer feels lack lustre I just use the magic at this point (still looks visually great)

  • Large cities and ports should have lights at night


these are just a few takes and yes, I’m aware its early access and maybe a lot of this has already been planned to be improved


I agree with this post and the one you made above, I’m a sucker for high-level ship combat.

Yes we need this


Yeah sailing at night was a struggle before the player marker

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I’ve started using the compass because of the player marker and it’s still pretty annoying missing islands at night just by a little bit

Hard disagree with everything you brought up except for pirate ship captains

Those guys are waaaaaaaaaaay too strong and definitely need a nerf. I can stat check some of them, but the amount of skills that they have shouldn’t even be possible for the level they’re at. Feels like i’m fighting a level 250 savant.

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sometimes it seems like the community doesn’t want a positive update
I suggest: Add a server list. Don’t see any negatives with that, right? Wrong :smiley:
I suggest: Add low graphics mode. No negatives, right? Wrong :weary:
And then vetex added Player Marker and everyone just started raging.

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