Arcane Odyssey Hot Takes?

That is probably a good way to do it, since then it can’t be used as a direct upgrade in every aspect but you also can’t use more of them if you airstall for long enough.

feel like it should still get only like 20s cooldown then. but that’s splitting hairs. would need to try it out first to really know

Ya’ll are honestly overreacting about the defense changes and new stats.

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Bruh just use high agility build. My 316 agility build gets it done on the t jump.

Bro keeps reacting to my posts. EVERY SINGLE ONE.

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Thats like his thing he reacts to just about everything

He doesn’t show himself, but you know he’s there. He’s watching, and apparently shocked by everything everyone is saying.

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Bros in a perpetual state of :open_mouth:

opticalcord the stalker

Sometimes he does it whenever he loses an argument (90% of the time :broken_heart: )


stalktical cord

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Don’t worry, it’s just opticslcord. Optical is just weird.

cut down on weapon types. have you EVER seen someone using a mace? do away with the unpopular ones so vetex can better focus on adding new abilities for a much less daunting catalog of weapons

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how many people even remember clubs exist

Or make them better, how would you feel if glass were to be removed?

I used mace until I swapped class. Atlantean mace was cool to use with some aoe in your build.

And its really worked in pvp, lol.

Is that Amba in your pfp?

I have no idea what that is but knowing u IT’S PROBABLY AN ANIME GIRL and if it is I’m not talking to u for the rest of the month

It’s a picture that my mother took of an egg

an egg? hahahahaha it has eyes