Arcane Odyssey Hot Takes?

I don’t think that really makes it much better, even if its not extraordinarily common it happening at all isn’t a good thing. The fact it can happen at all is pretty crappy.

the pvp shit

You should be allowed to “rest” for passive regen. Natural regen fucking SUCKS.

Like, you should be allowed to enter a state of “resting”, where you can’t attack or anything, but your regen goes at like triple the speed. You obviously can’t do it while in combat log.


Me when I get strike by lightning at least once by expedition

Do you have suggestor role?

you know you can check that right

I don’t know how

nvm you can only do that if you set it as preferred group

How tf do you do that?

want me to send you a step by step video or something?

Nah I found it

I was being serious btw

Nah, most of my suggestions are for pet peeves that I have in AO, and solutions that I get from other games which I liked the execution. I don’t have a lot of innovative stuff, so I wouldn’t do much if I had the suggestor role.

This one in particular was something that I remembered from Your Bizarre Adventure, where if you pressed P you would pose and increase health regen. It could bring you to full health in like 15 seconds, but you couldn’t move, do moves, or even block.

nah, with the movement we have in arcane odyssey runners would go crazy and instead of going health routes everyone will just go agility to outrun their opponent and then abuse the posing.

(pretty sure it was a problem in YBA too lol)

also tbh yeah every suggestion i have is just for small quality of life most of the time. but the only thing i actually 100% need is a goddamn way to respawn our ship to where we are. it’s getting so annoying

The way it worked in YBA was that everyone got up to 100 stat points, and then you would use those to make the build for your entire character, Stand and specialty. So you would either need to choose between unlocking moves, upgrading moves, increasing your character’s agility, health, health regen, etc.

Everyone had the same move speed, but what kept people from running was usually the fact you could use moves to slow them down, or some Stands had movement skills, others could outright keep you from running with Time Stop or Conqueror’s Will, etc. In Arcane Odyssey using a single move puts you at a HUGE disadvantage in closing gaps between someone running. And even then, if they’re using an agility build and they’re fast enough to outrun the opponent and pose, then they’re clearly fast enough to just outright leave the premises, I’ve run from multiple fights without having a single point in agility.

Posing WAS “abused” for the SBR gamemode, so your team cold stop at certain areas and be able to heal, as it was essentially a battle royale race, so you needed to be constantly ready to fight. Either that or you had a healer. But posing was never really a broken mechanic for PVP, no, at most it could heal you like 1/8 of your health if you went uninterrupted for a few seconds, but that wouldn’t last long, because if you were fighting a high-pressure Stand you wouldn’t have a break, and if you were fighting an all-in Stand then you’re just giving it more time to gather its resources.

They should allow you to get your ship back at any shipwright, because it honestly becomes a pain when you have to either retrieve your ship in the middle of the sea, or just die for it.

yep. it’s just dumb af and there’s not a singular good reason on why you can’t do it. there’s a million other roblox games where you can respawn your ship/ship equivalant. but in AO you just can’t cuz why not

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AO hot take:

ultimate art leap spells will be one of the best ultimate arts in the game.

why? AO is a game all about aerial advantage, so a “super leap” spell that would presumably launch you extremely high in the air compared to a normal leap would be absolutely incredible for magic builds, especially mages.

cold take ong frfr

The thing that interests me is how the cooldown will work. Will it be the same 30 second cooldown as other ultimate arts, or will it be the until you touch the ground cooldown of leaps. I’m thinking the former, which may reduce how good it actually.

It’ll probably inherit the 30s cooldown with it only beginning the cooldown timer when you touch the ground