Arcane odyssey overview


looks neat as hell


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How’d you get this?

I am so cool I already had this image :sunglasses:

we are very pog for we knew this existed like 1 month ago

Screw it putting these here

Not that many people have seen these, I wasn’t going to post them because I didn’t think Vetex would appreciate it but whatever.

(Taken off the devforum)


Fuck it, might as well add my own


Also this confirms island location, I wonder the lore about it


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new picture of morden

locations lookin very awesome

I didn’t even notice Morden when I was first shown these, looks chill though

:explosion_magic: - holy shit that looks awesome

:fire_magic: - FUCK YEAH LETS GOOOOO

:magma_magic: - cool cool

:lightning_magic_var1: - this is why my daddy is the best

:crystal_magic_var1: - lightning vetex is not just only your dad

:sand_magic_var3: - wow look at all the sand

:water_magic_var1: - :slightly_smiling_face:

:shadow_magic: - yeah its, cool…

:wind_magic_var3: - e e e e e e

:wood_magic_var1: - im feeling good about this because a little birdie told me about synergies coming along, this is my time to shine!

:plasma_magic_var2: - fantastic frontier is jealous

:ash_magic: - this will be fun to draw

:poison_magic_var2: - ### ########## #### # #####

:light_magic_var1: - wow so pretty but it looks so gloomy

:iron_magic_var1: - what do i do again?

:glass_magic: - why am i here lol

:ice_magic_var1: - pretty cool if you know what i mean

:snow_magic: - HEY THATS MY LINE BITCH

:earth_magic_var1: - i like the rocks in the back.

:acid_magic_var1: - i wanna see some battles NOW

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You know I had to do it to em

Morden was an illusion all along…

what if it was all just a dream

What if AO was all just a dream and revamp was simply a massive update for WoM

I’ve had this image for months.

that island looks familiar