Arcane Odyssey Riddle

I agree. Maybe we find out how to use “the true nature of magic” as cursebeard put it

Back then, instead of using magic circles, people used their souls to create magic. However, this took a heavy toll on someone using it. Which caused wizards to use Magic Circles since they were safer. Then there was Aurem which was used to gain power from Prometheus. However burning Aurem also increased his power. Since back then, Aurem was more valuable than gold, it’s likely the “fire” in the furnace is referring to the Aurem supply draining out.

the frist one to me is you have the blood of a god but you have a limited amount or something like a limited amount and the 2nd one makes me think the furnace as Prometheus powers and the 3rd one as the art of infinity being lost and becoming a Primordial magic or a time curse and the user dies causeing chaos in the war of seas and the 4th one i still got no real idea

ya know maybe that could be true, the blood of a god gives you magic

but you’re slowly losing it

and you’ve got to learn how to get it back, while dealing with the repercussions of war and the fact that the big boom happened on the other side

Sort of, gods cant die according to tech, and his remains are probably with cursebeard/torren

best way i could imagen it would be you have super powers but you need to use a drug to keep it and that drug is arum or whatever that red gem is called

wait if their essence is spread around the earth, that could be a reservoir for magic

i believe that borrowing the gods power with negative consequences will be a plot point in A.O

so essentially the primordial magics making you insane and causing chaos

isnt Torren non cannon?

torren is cannon

he’s a cannon that’s pretty dang lit

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so drinking god piss can kill you right? so what would ichor be used for?

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i doubt you drink it or anything

Chronos’s harpe could be a sword.

wait so if time is breaking down…

art of infinity?

Is Chronos even mentioned in aa or wom or ao lore?

Already said that, tech said it wasn’t. It’s a scythe.

No not time.

A sword falling means it strikes not that it breaks.

pretty sure that he was never mentioned before