Arcane Odyssey Riddle

Alright you all wanted it. Have fun theorizing, I wish you the best!


These are your first steps…

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Ichor is god blood, and I don’t think we’re descended from a god since tech has said nobody guessed it yet, and many people already said that. Possibly Golden Ichor = Aurem, as Tech seemed to congratulate somebody when they gave that idea. The furnace possibly being Hephaestus’s furnace/forge. He was the god of fire, and he made many weapons. Prometheus took the fire from this very furnace, so this is possibly where he took the magic he gave to humans. This could mean we “inherit its will” by inheriting the will of Prometheus, hence why we end up getting something “coming back to us from our actions.” Also could mean where we burn Aurem, for some reason? Sword of time, I am not sure. At first I thought it was The Harpe, but that’s a scythe. The saying, “Those who sow the wind, reap the whirlwind,” means every decision has consequences; a person’s actions will come back to them. This likely means we will do something, but that their actions will come back to them. Possibly we do something, but it ends up coming back to us in the end.


fun riddle time

image interesting maybe this has something to do with the first sentance

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ah ichor means the blood of the gods

Arcane Odyssey x The Legend of Zelda confirmed yoooooooooooooo


another piece of information

Fire the furnace could be Hephaestus furnace since this is greek and the sword of time could be the weapon of kronos since his weapon was described as being a scythe or sword


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well the first 2 are 100% saying you have the blood of Prometheus but there’s a down side to using it , the last 2 i have to think more about (and probably stop listening to music while doing so)

time for a massive text…essay thing…

Golden ichor, magical, powerful. Hmm, long past, referencing the gods dying? Doing your best to make it last…Prometheus was the source of magic, magic fading away? Or the beauty of magic causing you to go insane…

Fire the furnace that burns still, promethean flame, inheriting it’s will? Primordial magics were said to make you insane. Perhaps the promethean flame causes you to become plagued with visions of Prometheus, cuz technically it contains his essence.

Sword of time pierces all. Could be referencing the fact that everyone is BOUND to time, if it’s falling…time becomes irrelevant…

Sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind. Implying that those who amplify the wind shall deal with the whirlwind…
as if a small action that causes a bit of wind, will enlarge into a whirlwind and devastate the entire world…much like how Hades was testing the limits of Dark Magic on durza

which caused a massive war…


there we have it heh

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well i mean i was thinking more of the lines of a time curse or how art of infinity became a Primordial when i saw 3rd one

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If the golden ichor is the blood of gods, it could figuratively mean how Prometheus gave humans magic, since it wasn’t explained how exactly mortals learned it, he could have gave them a part of himself.

The furnace part could also be about how magic works.
Using the long lost ways of the early form of magic (forgot it’s name) that is very taxing on the user. You might still have it in you to use it the old fashioned way, but it is dangerous and since magic comes from Chaos, it’s Chaos that will influence you in some way if you do that.

Time comes for everyone, all must meet its end, or something along those lines.

“Those who sow the wind, shall reap the whirlwind” now this seems like a “if you do use the old magic style thing, you will have great power, but beware as it might tear you apart” kind of deal to me.

That’s about as much as I got of the top of my head, will probably think about it in the shower or in the bed later.

even in the war seas i doubt there’s anyone left who can use old magic styles

expect for maybe the new greeks but idk if they are a thing yet

okay but if it says try to make it last…

magic is fading away

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i think its referring to prometheus killing everyone, creating the curses, or spreading magic.

isn’t prometheus dead

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