Arcane Odyssey v1.13 Balancing Changes WIP

although grasp could still be used to get some cheeky damage, this would usually happen if the mage predicted the player entering the trap (making it a prediction tool, still defensive)

this would likely require a bunch of tinkering

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this went from us discussing balance to creating a new spell out of our ass

could somebody move this somewhere else please :hugs:

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I submitted a reqest for suggestion acess like 5 months ago. No one else but me has seen it so I cant post it there

perhaps i will apply for suggestor
there are some really easy suggestions to make :nod:

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I have access to suggestions, so we could perhaps drop it on the forums unless there’s a rule explicitly stating that an idea for new spells can’t be suggested?

Awh fiddlesticks. There goes my plans.

Doesn’t look like there’s a rule that’s clearly against new spells, only new magics and the sort.

Ice magic should be able to deal more damage to freezing opponents.

Idk why this isn’t already a thing because it makes literally no sense. Ice is has only one status effect and that is freezing. Incase you don’t know what freezing does it supposedly increases the damage of cold based attacks yet somehow it doesn’t increase the damage of ice even though thats ice’s only status effect, making it useless alone.

Freezing somehow increases the damage of glass magic which isn’t even a cold magic. Ice magic alone is literally incompatible and it sucks if your a magic hybrid build with ice bc its just bad.

Fire is capable of inflicting Burning which not only deals damage overtime but also increases the damage of fire magic. How is this in any way fair? And fire magic isn’t even considered meta or anything. You could argue that ice magic is heavy compared to fire but that alone has its own downsides.

I’m not asking to give Ice frostbite which would increase ice magic’s damage and deal damage overtime like burning. I’m just asking to make freezing increase the damage of ice magic.

You could argue that freezing can cause frozen with another magic which stuns but burning does the exact same thing with ash magic and its called petrification.

How in any way is this fair?

blud magics only self synergize if its a dot (light is an exception)

yknow snare would be a lot more fun if it was built like that chain move from creation in elemental battlegrounds

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also take note that ice has the same base damage and size as shadow, and is meta with sailors fist
its can also freeze or synergize with 7 other magics
i dont think it needs to be buffed

It still doesn’t make sense for it to not do more damage on freezing targets when that’s its only status effect.

Also ash magic with thermofist completely outclasses an ice sailor fist user bc ash with thermofist could cause petrification (frozen) and deal more damage on charred opponents so…

My point still stands on ice sucking by itself; imagine an ice conjurer without a sunken sword, the only good u can do is the bleed+ice attacks and imbuements are getting buffed for conjurers so if ur using a weapon without imbuement ur going to do less damage making ice worse than it already is.

Imagine an ice mage starting the game, how horrible is that? The only time ice can be good for that player is after they finished the current story aka get an awakening. You would basically be using a magic without the status effect bc Freezing does literally nothing for ice. It would be stupid not to give this to ice when every other magic has status effects which actually affect ur overall damage or are a hindrance to enemies (Light with blindness).

Ice winning

  1. nothing is good until awakening
  2. ice is meant to be a base for synergies
  3. magics only self synergize when their status is a dot
  4. mages with slow magics suck anyways no matter the magic
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  1. balancing is still in the works, and ice conj will basically become meta with the 20% bleed synergy and the extra 0.75 imbuement buff

Nothing is good in terms of meta but everything is decent or at the very least compatible, ice is neither for some reason.

So does that mean no other magic type is meant to be a base for synergies? Bc ice is the only magic this way.

Meta mages who used metal magic and spammed pulsar when the game first came out, crystal warlocks, wood conjurers, and etc.

Plasma and magma with even better status effects and the same bleed synergy:

I still stand by my point that ice deserves increased damage against freezing opponents

ice is compatible, and even meta sucks before awakening

meanwhile water, snow, wind, crystal, glass, metal, acid, explosion, ash

pre update yes?

plasma with ass base damage and magma with ass speed

You forgot Fire