Arcane Odyssey Value list

idk about fair amulets but for enchant scrolls from sealed chests its a 1/10
and then youd have to take into consideration all the enchants that exist (i think theres 12?) so that would be a 1/120 for strong enchant scrolls

id assume fair amulets would be roughly equal to that
but ye if youre talking about a specific fair amulet then those are prolly way rarer

Where is the Arcanium Sphere in all of this?

Ok time to argue

If your right about the rarity of getting the specific enchant you want, a fair amulet is way more valueable. Enchants have 2 very easy to get methods, and while your doing one your also doing the other (even though you may not have much gold for enchanting afyer doing sealed chests, you have higher odds of getting what you want through nirmal enchanting)

On the other hand, amulets probably rarer and are definitely more value, cause their only obtainment method is through chests and cargo (a lot lower rates cause chests vary in rarity and idk about cargo tbh)

BUT I would honestly put all the amulets that aren’t strong and hard behind their enchant scrolls, because if your going to use those then your probably going for a more specific stat build that is off meta, and therfore has less value.

Im busy rn so I can’t update this list it’ll probably be added during the weekend but don’t expect it to be very high up

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on armors?

no people on vetcord give crazy shit for it
someone offered a pulsar for a single clean one, technically not very valuable but people offer a shit ton for it

That’s on desperation and isn’t seen as much on forums which is what I’m basing it off of also that was more something that happened when AO first dropped and the sabre had its value increased by a YouTube video I presume

Once the nerf comes on magic size then ya at least i think one is coming can’t be 100% tho

if supply was the only thing that contributes to an item’s value then you would be correct but youre completely ignoring demand. Strong scrolls are one of the most useful items if not the most useful item in the game. You can enchant nearly everything with strong and strong has always been the go to enchant for nearly everything. Sure with some luck you could get strong really fast but if youre even just a little unlucky then dissenchanting and enchanting a single boss drop costs atleast 1.2k galleons and could be way more depending on the lvl of the item. Most people would like to just avoid dissenchanting and enchant all together if possible

While fair power amulets have a decent amount of demand strong scrolls have insane demand
and fair defense amulets have pretty low demand compared to hard scrolls having high demand.

On top of all that if you get REALLY lucky you can find a merchant selling fair amulets of any kind, similar to arcspheres. So that also lowers their rarity by a good amount

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ok no more

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I’d put kai sabre over elius drops and even higher than some boss armour pieces. At the current moment triasta can be put lower since it’s not very demanded.

triasta is actually ass tbh it does less damage than the architect dagger
my strong triasta q does 202
my bursting merlot dagger q does 220

kai saber is below scimitar of storms but above the other elius drops (kai saber is the most traded item in the game prob and i see 10+ kai sabers in every traders inventory)

kai saber is literally just a better scimitar of storm

scimitars has a longer tp and more damage

Sabre still better because speed :muscle::muscle:

I think that’s cause of the damage scaling bug

the vindictor in question:

What is “ss”?