Arcane Odyssey | What would YOU consider to be the most Chad Weapon, Magic, and Fist style?

Share what might be the most chad

Would it be
Earth magic + Basic Combat + Hammer?

Water magic + Sailors fist + Trident (For chad drip :+1: not for stats)

Ash magic + Boxing + Sword?

What would you consider to be the most chad combo for these?

Sand magic + sunken sword + thermo

Most chad weapon: Dagger
Most chad magic:
Fire, Earth, and Sand

real most chad magic

Mud(:smiling_imp: )

Fist Style: Basic Combat

Apocalypse bringer + radius fist

most chad build: savant

@ThatOneGuy alt?

Iā€™m only going pure apoc bringer

What does apoc bringer look like just bigger explosion?

The cannon fist berserker:

No clue but I want it.

Another poem towards Apocalypse Bringer
Yet another Apocalypse Bringer poem

the true chad loadout is whatever you like the most

dont let others define what you want

boxing is most chad fstyle

Radius fist>

Basic is

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