Arcane Odyssey's Combat Problem

First we must begin with the most common argument or reasoning against this. “It’s not a PvP focused game!” This argument has 2 major flaws.

First, the PvP isn’t the only problem, PvE also sucks tremendously, npcs can do things that players can’t, they can block and parry while using an attack and use attacks during times that they should be stunned. Npcs also have auto-aim and always act as fast as they should be acting, meaning that an npc can use m1s faster than a player due to the player having high latency, this means that they can land many more m1s in a trade than a player would.
This also applies to actual attacks, meaning that npcs will be able to launch attacks far faster than a player. Placed self explosions are also practically guaranteed damage since npcs can ignore walls unlike a player and just put an explosion behind a pillar.

Second, a game like Arcane Odyssey is essentially just a long process to getting ready to fight max level players, if the combat sucks then there’s really no reason to be playing, well how could fishing possibly be combat oriented? The goal remains the same; you either get items to make yourself stronger which only helps if you’re fighting someone, or fish which you can sell to make your equipment better which has the same effect, or cook the fish for some boosts either in combat or just to refill the hunger bar.
Essentially, everything you do in Arcane Odyssey is with ultimate purpose to become stronger in the game, leaving the combat as it is now leaves the players with nothing to do once they’re done with the story unless they have a meta build (most players don’t even read it and just skip through the story.)

Now that the most common excuse is out of the way, I’ll explain why the combat sucks

The Poor Balancing
I won’t really say much about this but it’s the most obvious and is already in an on-going process to get fixed, I will say that nerfing some things and buffing others will likely only be a temporary fix until the community finds how to exploit the future builds. Why is mage the most broken class? Most mage builds can deal over 400 damage for free from a 5 hit self explosion with the size of Thorin’s Refuge. The reason why this is meta is because its the freest way to confirm lots of damage without much risk, what I’m essentially saying is that even when mage gets inevitably nerfed, a build which can land lots of damage for free and easily will become the next meta, and when that also gets nerfed another build will come after that one to take its place and it’ll be a never ending cycle because of how the combat works, which is why it needs a complete overhaul. It seems like weapon based builds will become the next meta.

The Mechanics of AO’s Combat
I believe one of the main issues with combat in this game is that using most moves will lock you in place and render you unable to do anything during this time, this means that players or npcs can get easy damage on you since you’re completely immobile. (The length at which you’re locked in place is also bound by your latency, so if you have high ping like me then you’re just screwed) For some reason all your attacks are based off of the player camera angle instead of being cursor aimed, this leads to moves hitting a wall that just so happened to be in-front of your character’s view which is extremely frustrating.
For example, lets say you use placed explosion at the top of sailor’s lodge and you’re aiming at a target on the docks, since the railing is front of your character as they’re pointing at the docks, the explosion will be right in front of you instead of where your cursor was aiming, this is one reason as to why high jump is so used in combat. Nothing in the air will get in the way of your character’s view so nothing will get in the way of your shot.

The Redundancy of Moves
As a lightning sailor warlock I’ve noticed that half of my fighting style moveset is completely useless. Using crash deals less damage than I’ll take for trying to get close to my opponent since they’ll always be able to follow up right after with a self explosion or weapon move which deals 3 or 4 times the amount of damage that I dealt to them. Rushdown is just a buggy mess and honestly a pretty useless move since it doesn’t deal much damage and gets me punished as well for using it. There’s almost no reason to alter most moves either, why make smash a shockwave when it has no range? It deals more damage than shot but it’s range is so small and the endlag is so large that I might as well just use m1s. To finish this paragraph, there is no reason to use certain moves over others and no reason to customize most moves since the best is will always be whatever has the most damage and the most aoe.

To conclude this topic, the main problem with the combat is that whatever can deal the most damage reliably will always be the meta in the current state of things. The current meta is made to capitalize against the fact that using moves will lock you in place, when this should only be true for moves such as self-explosion. Finally, the combat needs to be changed because once you’re done with the story (which is the main focus) then there’s nothing more to be done other than fight, and if the combat sucks then you might as well just play a game with better combat. The worst part is that I don’t really know how to fix this combat system completely, other than maybe removing move casting stun — but that might not fix all the problems, so I’ll just leave this here and hopefully Vetex knows what to do about it. Feel free to let me know if I’m just trash or if there’s something I’m missing in the replies, until then have a good day and thanks for reading.


there is like this whole official google doc that talks of this problems getting fixed next update lmao


that’s only addressing the balance problems, there are many more issues rooted into the combat’s mechanics which i mentioned

What Aque said. The game is in early access. Huge balance changes have been ironed out rapidly on the v1.12 doc and we’re not even a month into the game.

That is, quite literally, the entire basis of the game’s combat. Every spell, technique, and weapon skill comes with risk. Some lower than others, and some higher. Acting like this is a flaw honestly gave me a good chuckle, like this is literally what the whole series’ PvP has been about.

Are some spells too low-risk for their reward? Sure. Look at Pulsar, or certain weapon skills like Striking Gale or Shining Cycle. They’ll be reigned in with due time. Everything has risk and reward. Endlag, magic energy usage, cast speed, these are all factors that need to be taken into account when you throw out your spells and techniques. Use your brain. This isn’t YBA or Blox Fruits or Deepwoken.


what this dude said

was going to say the same thing but that

I guess we’ll just have to wait and see who was right in the long run. I don’t see those balance changes fixing anything significantly as they’ll just remove one meta but give way to the next, which will likely be weapon classes, likely with thermo for the speed and damage increase.

And please do note that unique ≠ good.

Everything becomes more equal, hence “balance changes”. The great outlier of Mage is being nerfed heavily to bring it in line with every other class. Fighting Styles are receiving much-needed buffs to dredge them up from their current state (which was likely just not adequately tested PvP-wise before launch), certain Weapons are receiving buffs, nerfs, or adjustments to solidify their place in the game, and balancing outliers such as Mode and Focus are being taken down a peg to make each build more … drumroll please … balanced.

I disagree quite heavily. Magic is now in a place where it should be on even ground with Weapons and the hugely-buffed Fighting Styles, providing a much more solid state of the game than what we current have, not to mention AoE is getting cut down very heavily across the board.

Are some classes still going to be stronger than others? Yes, I think Warlord and Warrior will probably have the edge when v1.12 drops. However, it’s undeniable that the game is going to be in a massively better state than what it is now if these changes go through.

Never claimed that the series’ combat was good because it was unique. It’s good because it’s good. It’s a bit hard to get into, and certain systems like Blocking / Parrying could use some work (which, guess what, are getting updated in v1.12), but the core of the Arcane series’ combat is fast-paced, highly variable, punished-based combat, which no other games on the platform do quite as well as the Arcane series.


Alright bro feel free to believe what you want to believe but I won’t continue a pointless discussion. Time will tell, I hope you’re right and the balance changes are the holy grail that the game needs but I just don’t see it happening. Until that happens, have a good day.

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obviously? no game that has any depth to it’s combat can ever be 100% balanced, there will always be a meta. the thing you want to try to do tho is making the meta not that strong.


opinion invalidated :troller:

I can already SMELL the 500 post long argument

I feel like a lot of people genuinely don’t know what meta stands for.

Most Effective Tactics Available.

By the definition of the term there is literally always going to be a meta. A setup that’s just a little easier to use for a bit more reward. I don’t know why he thought that was a “gotcha”.


Wow, that actually makes a lot of sense…

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This topic is only going to go south :sleeper:

Anyways, I’m not going to leave an essay bc I don’t feel like it, but I will say this:

Timing. Do not mindlessly trade Q’s.

Every vetex game (minus adventure story) has had casting immobilization in some way. Won’t deny that it wasn’t great in WoM. But In AO, it’s the least invasive its ever been. With high attack speed, it’s a non-issue.


i thought that was obvious :sleeper:

While every class has a large variety of options to use at their disposal, mages are currently the only class than can reliably win most fights by specifically using 2 moves, if any other class in the game were to attempt this they would lose in almost any matchup (the matchups they would win would be ones with such a large gap in skill that it wouldn’t even be funny), skill in this game is determined by your ability to recognize a situation, and pick the right move at the current time, while also taking into account your own abilities, with improvement leading to more powerful attacks that require more precision to use. If I were to pick out a warrior player like erik, they have around 6-9 moves that they have to constantly think about using and find the best time to use them. The problem I have with mages is that they can literally use 1-2 moves for ALMOST EVERY FUCKING SITUATION and it’d be more powerful than almost anything the other side can output, they do not have to take into consideration what move would be most viable to use in this situation, how risky that move might be and what the risk/reward would be for using it, nor do they have to consider their own personal level of precision because it will hit regardless of that. To sum up, the current mage meta is a spit in the face to people who actually practice their aim, situational awareness, and move uses.

anyways quit crying that it’s not m1 m1 mantra combat

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i agree that npcs shouldnt be allowed to block/parry during moves its anyoying


literally the only good argument in the thread


Removing the endlag and the duration you’re immobile for moves is just asking for a different combat experience at that point

The combat is based around punishing moves and damage trading blows
With punishing moves or further influenced by the parry and better dodging

Besides we already have VERY quick moves or moves that provide mobility using them such as flash strike or piercing strikes so being locked in place for a short time isn’t a issue outside of mage which has the most range