「🩸」Arcane Of Magic - Chapter 1, Prologue

Hello everyone! This is my first E-Book! If you have any suggestions, just comment in the comments!

History Link → https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lATxAo4NeRf8LHqmKrZWiUMBa8tdElea/view?usp=sharing


There’s nothing I can really comment on besides improvement of english.


I thought Danny was joking but now his reply just seems like an understatement

There’s nothing I can really comment on besides improv- oh already

No fr though

The beginning is like Attack on Titan stuff where they create magic beings civilization and then the fight between the brothers was like the Naruto thing and the whole part of the brother being sick was like the Itachi thing.

Just try to use more full stops.

Oh come on it cant be that bad

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It’s that bad

Please, guys, don’t be mean. Sure he could use a bit of improvement but please don’t be mean. I am quite interested in the story myself and I don’t want him to stop writing just because of negative comments! You go, boy! I’m on your side now! Keep on doing what you’re doing! Your work is great!