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Hey everyone! If you didn’t know, on the forums, several of us writers write series, long-running stories that are released on intervals. Here in this post we’d like to recognize the series and the efforts of the writers. If you are the writer of any of these series and have your own synopsis/introduction that you want here, say so in the replies or DM me at ⸶𝕰𝖈𝖑𝖊𝖈𝖙𝖎𝖈 Wanderer⸷#5423 and I’ll edit this post!


Undoubtedly the best-known series, Ultimatum is the magnum opus of @Robotstics, who has worked hard to bring it to his readers every week. It covers the adventures of Arsen and Artemis, as they seek to survive against the forces of the Dark Arts Society, while thwarting their plans to release Torren, the hidden 7th Unknown. From Summer Hold to Cerulea to Stoneburg, they fight against the growing darkness while discovering who they truly are.

Dawn Raiders

This series by @Kxks follows the Dawn Raiders, a guild that is fighting against an enemy who seeks to devour all of Magius and rule over the ashes, an enemy closer than they could ever expect. One of the oldest and longest-running series, it is now in its second book. Will the heroes win? Or will the twists of the common enemy Succeed instead.


A relatively new series, Firestorm is the history of some of the most momentous events in the history of Magius. Centered in Summer Hold, Part 1 of Firestorm follows Kyle Auburn and his teacher Lamorak Booth as they navigate a maze of dangers and threats, each moving in their own circles as the world around them begins to change. From simple raids on merchants to dark wizards in Bell Village, to duels in the streets of Summer Hold, to mighty battles between erstwhile allies, Firestorm shows that what appear to be unrelated incidents are the hidden trail of deadly machinations, and that nothing is ever as it seems.

The Crimson Storm

A young bounty hunter finds a mysterious tomb, guarded by a ghost who gives him the role of the leader of a long-lost clan, the mysterious Crimson Circle, entrusting to him powers he does not yet comprehend. But as he learns more about the Circle, he discovers that its history is closer to him than he could have ever guessed, and that if he is to take up the mantle of the leader of the Crimson Circle, he’s going to need to face his past. This series is written by @DRobinHood who has just finished Book 1.

Mercury’s Novel

As the oceans shift and the skies grow old
The three of legend have been foretold
Fighting darkness and temptation on adventures bold
Will they succeed…?

Jerome Salore, Dakota Shield, and Kirk Cutlass have been gathered because of Mercury’s Novel, an ancient collection of prophecies foretelling doom and destruction, unless they can stop the summoning of the God of Death himself, Thanatos. Can they succeed in their quest and save the world? Or will all fall to death himself? Written by @logan, Mercury’s Novel can be found here:

Macobre’s Elemental Prompt

Although not a series proper, @liu’s prompt has had such a massive response that it will be placed here. Works by aspiring writers from every corner have been written in response.

Time’s Passion

A brand new series by @IdleMotion , Time’s Passion is a story with great promise and potential. The past and the present, the future and the end, where will the protagonists go and what will they face? What is their fate, and where is it leading them? To find out, read Time’s Passion.

Arcane of Magic

The first work of writing by @anon83803849 , this new series covers the tale of Zuigetsu Calding and his journey to avenge himself and find where he truly belongs in a hostile world.

Average Day in Magius

BNT returns with the ADIM series, this time in the Story Simulation form. I highly recommend reading it, with it’s talented illustrations and well-crafted storyline, not to mention the interactive choices made by the audience!

ADIM is a series of stories told by thirteen storytellers. With Story Simulation as the first storyline of the series. This storyline was crafted and told by all of the storytellers, based on WoM storyline’s continuation with some twists.

The story follows Rael Mills, the aspiring hero from Doom Village, into his straightforward journey of destroying the evils. As the story progresses, more choices are made by Rael himself and the readers. You, the reader, will be the one who guides this young boy towards the ending.

Origins of Flame

The official biography of the legendary Gunther Crest, famed for incredible powers, ability to get the girl every time, and his tremendous chad energy.
This is a can’t-miss opportunity for any fan of the famous Admiral. For the low price of nothing you can get your hands on a copy of this official record of his exploits, written by none other than the talented @Archer !
Go to the link below to claim your copy today!


Aaron Banks II, the sole Explosion Magic user in an ancient lineage of Lightning wizards, begins his adventure. Alone at first, he’ll find allies where he least expects it, and enemies everywhere.
Perhaps he’s merely a vigilante now… but so was his ancestor, the one who prophecied:

the chosen one shall break the limits of the legacy…

By @Psycorax , you can find Legacy here:


The Arcane Adventures story, but in verse! Here’s @Tree_was_taken 's Recollections, beginning with the first part, “Newgrounds”, consisting of the poems Blue, Theos, and Magic.

Saints & Sinners

A new series by @YeetusCheetus, Saints & Sinners takes place in the familiar setting of Magius, where Ray wakes up with no memory of his past on the shores of the Eastern Peninsula. With the aid of two children, Evaan and Aine, he must find his own identity and memories and face numerous enemies, even while he realizes that the greatest mystery of all… is himself.

Ashes of Valcrest

A series by @JayJayAG describing the origins, adventures, and fate of the guild known as Ashes of Valcrest. A guild born to guide those who have already fallen into darkness back to the light. From ashes to a new day.


Summerhold is a story about Daniel Silver, The son of the King of Summerhold, David Silver.
Daniel must face several evil wizards who want to destroy Summerhold from his own Sister, Cassandra Silver. Each Season introduces new villainous and Heroic characters. Many duels would arise from this, murdering several heroes and villains alike, will Daniel stop, and protect his Kingdom from dark forces? Find out today by reading the Summerhold series by @PercevalSalore.


It’s 324 in the dark ages of Sycronia. Hsija hasn’t have a proper ruler for almost a decade since their death of the monarchy. A fascist dictatorship now occupies much of Sycronia. Guilds and resistance groups spread thin throughout the continent in search of peace and prosperity. The Sea naval guard still fights the Enforced State of Preicdom in the Suritis Sea. Pirate rebellions are supported by the Enforced State of Preicdom. 7 Hair Beasts in alphabetical order with their power. Acid, Chain, Duo, Magma, Meteor, Shockwave Teleportation. Only 7 people have hair beasts and are sought to join either side of the war. Most hair beasts are pacificists because they thought the war wasn’t their business. However some hair beasts joined sides. Dragons are almost extinct in the continent with very few eggs.


Arcane Academy

In the distant land of Laminia the world was plagued by a great demon from the depths, a dimension of chaos, controlled by a great god. He and his warlocks unleashed the demon on the world, causing a great dark age that reduced entire kingdoms to ruins. With the help of many great warriors and wizards, they slew the great beast and capture the warlocks. As the dust settled and damage cataloged, the kingdoms wanted to make sure this could never happen again, some of the wizards that survived proposed an idea, an academy to teach people to use pure magic, instead of dark magic from the depths. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to the founders of the school, a cult has risen in secret within the school, determined to start the dark ages once again.


The Devil Swordsman

A renowned swordsman is sent on a mission by a man called “The Devil” on an assassination journey. During this mission, the man meets two siblings, Sammy and Danny, in the town of Ironport and decides to overwatch and help them out. Who is this mysterious swordsman looking for, and more importantly, who sent him? This series, written by @StarForDays, is a spectacle to read, so don’t miss out on this wild journey!

Riothamas Conivas Nerva

A boy born in a village closest to Mount Olympus is given the name Riothamus , with his father being Hades, God of the Underworld. He is trained day and night, until Hades leaves Riothamus at the young age of 14 to complete 1 final task, he must kill Prometheus, Giver of Magic, no matter how long it takes. And afterwards take his fathers mantle as the God of the Underworld. This story is currently being written by @NoGame. And so join Riothamus, in his journey to kill the god.

Are you writing a series? Have I missed yours? Reply below and I’ll add you to the list!


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