﹙Arcane Of Magic﹚Chapter 1 - "The Beginnings of Hell."

Hi! :ramen: This is the first episode/chapter of the Arcane Of Magic series that I’m producing, well that wouldn’t be very much a first chapter as it’s explaining how it all started, I would say this is a “Pilot Episode” or a “Trailer”. but let’s go! First of all, I would like to say a thank you to all of you who helped me in the vote and some tips to make me do even better in my story, and I would also like suggestions, criticisms, etc about this first chapter i am doing! So here’s the story…

Chapter 1 "The Beginnings of Hell."
  • Arcane Of Magic - Chapter 1 "The Beginnings of Hell.

A long time ago, since the creation of Planet Earth… a type of energy emerged on this planet from something unknown until the present moment, after human beings evolved, some of them began to release a type of energy capable of converting it into circles magical, thus being a “power”. Over time, more variations of these energies and spells emerged, from the most basic such as fire, water, stone, earth, etc. to the more complex, such as Gravity, Storm, Flare, and many other much stronger and more complex spells. Legend has it that if you were born with a magic mark on your body, you were praised by the gods and possessed one of the strongest spells ever… After a long time, it was more and more common to see people with these types of spells throughout the whole world, with that, began the creation of kingdoms, organizations, advisors, and obviously, many rules to be able to contain it all, so the world is not a complete chaos. Various magicians grew stronger and stronger until there were finally the first Kings and leaders of organizations and councils, staying that way for quite some time… until… A being was born with a mark of magic… but it was completely unlike all the other few sights, it was frightening… and left anyone who came close to it with awe and fear, this being had… The Magic Of Absorption, this magic seemed to be unique to him, already that no other human being could release this kind of magic… his name was Durza, and since he was little he caused the true chaos in any realm, he could absorb the magic of other people and be able to use them even stronger, and nobody I could kill him or defeat him, as he was extremely strong, and fast. After a short time, durza managed to wreak havoc on just an entire continent, with so many spells absorbed, he managed to unleash another type of magic… The Magic of Manipulation, where he could take control of anyone he could. wanted, and do what he well understand. Thus, durza created his first group of manipulated people, and with that, gave a small part of his power to them, transforming them into extremely strong beings and starting chaos all over the world, starting the “Age of Hell”. But a being called Keos, and an organization of mages of the highest classes on planet earth, tried to stop this, Theos had one of the strongest spells in the entire world, The Promised Fire Magic, so… a war broke out between Durza and Keos, along with their groups and organizations, were days and days of fighting… After a long time, only Durza and Keos were left standing, both of them without the energy to fight… Durza tells him that theos was the best magician. strongest of the entire planet earth, and after that, he gathered all the energies of all his absorbed magics to turn them into a single attack to decimate all humanity, which was his objeticve… Durza when launching the projectile that shone all the earth, keos used all his strength until he passed out to ease the damage of it all, barely succeeding, but… The projectile still hit the earth, a super explosion happened, as if a Mega Meteor crashed to earth, trees were destroyed, half of the earth’s population were destroyed. Right at the same time, the climate changed drastically, and many other evils because of that explosion… After that explosion, artifacts were created from those spells, which in total were 24 spells and randomly played all over the world… But there was the 25 artifact, the one of Durza magic itself, of manipulation and absorption, which was thrown into an ocean… After thousands of years until the “Epoch Of King Mages”, a Mage King of Green Wood Hills found something very strange nearby to a river, which appeared to be a cross-shaped artifact, Edamatsu soon kept this artifact in one of the temples on top of the biggest mountain in the Green Wood Hills and left it there, soon after a while, Zuigetsu Calding is born… and Ishiwaka Calding, sons of edamatsu, both were trained from childhood to become the best magicians in the entire world…

Zuigetsu Calding had the magic of explosion, inherited from his great-grandfather, and Ishiwaka Calding had the magic of wood, inherited from his father Edamatsu. Ishiwaka was hugely envious of his brother for having such powerful and devastating magic, with that he began to have a huge desire to become the strongest of all… even if he paid with his life, years passed, until that Zuigetsu and Ishiwaka turned 20 years old, edamatsu was already old and sick, he could no longer take care of his kingdom as he used to, so he sent Zuigetsu and Ishiwaka to defend the temple where he had the Artifact, Ishiwaka upon hearing this, opened a huge evil smile and he started to become crazy to get that… Many days pass, and zuigetsu when he was open guard… Ishiwaka steals the artifact and sticks it inside his heart, like an arrow using the tip of the cross, with that, the cross entered Ishiwaka’s body and an enormous red and white light shone that region of the entire kingdom, generating great gales of wind that threw Zuigetsu backwards, almost falling off the mountain, zuigetsu in shock, no could understand not a word… after that smoke came out of zuigetsu’s vision, he could only see his brother with red eyes… long white hair… and with a face of total malice… Ishiwaka in a matter of blinking his eyes disappeared from zuigetsu’s vision and appeared behind him, punching him in the back, with just that, he made zuigetsu vomit blood and have a part of his ribs broken, throwing him away and falling a bit off the mountain. Edamatsu arrived in time, even sick, he still had the strength to fight and defend his son Zuigetsu against that monster that ishiwaka, his son had become… the two started to fight, and even sick and weak Edamatsu showed almost reaching his feet from Ishiwaka, and zuigetsu could do almost nothing but watch that scene, since for some reason, he felt totally weak after that punch, as if he’d sucked their energies… After a long time of fighting, Edamatsu tried to finish that fight by summoning a forest in that entire mountain, manipulating them to go against Ishiwaka, but… Ishiwaka just absorbed all those woods, and used them to go into Edamatsu, impaling him with all those trees he had created and making a horrible scene for zuigetsu, who was starting to get tears in his eyes and he was totally in shock. Ishiwaka to the point of finishing it all, gathered a great amount of strength and threw a huge punch in edamatsu, which made a good part of his body explode and even destroy half of that mountain, making that whole mountain fall together with zuigetsu, which fell into the rubble, but luckily, he fell into a river… but passed out.

Zuigetsu after waking up, realized he was at the end of a river in the middle of the forest, seeming to be several kilometers away from his Kingdom and the mountain, he in shock, started running and running without stopping, tripping over some rocks and trees, until finally finding somewhere… A village, when he saw it, in a matter of seconds, he already started to run to that village… that he would find someone who would change his life completely.

Another thing, the forum does not accept MP3s, that is, it was bad, I would have to send youtube links to listen to a song, that would be kind of boring, but well, if you have any suggestions on how to solve this I would be happy, if not, I just I discard this idea of ​​putting soundtracks, that’s it, see you in the next post!

A final note, the translator’s English is TERRIBLE, so there will probably be a lot of language errors since I’m Brazilian and I need to translate all this part of the translator (which I’m doing now), so if you see any errors, just let me know and speak what must be corrected that I correct. That’s it!

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May I recommend… paragraphs

in all seriousness though, I am glad i can finally read something from the beggining instead of starting in the middle

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Hmmm, more paragraphs? OK! Noted-

bro, if i made you read my story from the beginning and not start reading in the middle, honestly i think that hyped me to create episode 2, cmoon, big thxxxxxxxx

Knowing when to break up your paragraphs is always important for transitioning to the next event within your story. (just a tip :v:)

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I am joking I have no buisness telling people how to write (Danny is the one you ask to yell at you)

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