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Published by Fang Percy.

Saturday, November 20, 2021 (US)

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Sound Magic!

Stardust Speedway Zone Act 2

By Naofumi Hataya and Tee Lopes

Click the link while holding “ctrl” to open the music on a new tab!


The Hook!

I’m writing this at a pretty late time, i’ve been procrastinating all week! But it’s finally here. Let’s look over some changes and mark the Odyssey Feed’s first anniversary :cake:!!! We’ve come a long way, and let’s look forward to our second year of news. Anybody looking forward to it? No? Okay, just me :sleeper:. I think?

Anyways, let’s look over some new changes to our most beloved Roblox game!

First of all, we have the Dagger (Creative name!) as a level 50-100 light bladed weapon. This marks the start of our second set of weapons. They’re not rusty :poggers2:!

Let’s take a look :nod::point_down:!

Look at all those weapons :flushed:! You might have seen in there also (somewhere) that most existing weapons have been renamed. For the better, hopefully! And that’s the second set of weapons done, to match that nice finished second set of weapon skills :hungry:!

It’s a good thing all these textures are getting accepted by Roblox! Wait…

This is war, Roblox :fr:! Just kidding. Unless…?

Right after this, we can look upon all new wind particles that appear at the sea and sky. More immersion :v:! And on the subject of wind, you can enjoy getting ripped limb from limb by tornadoes more with a new tornado hit animation :mariomug:!

And now that Heavy Thunderstorms have a 10% chance to turn into tornadoes, compared to the previous 5%, you might see that hit animation a bit more than you’d think.

With all that weather comes with waves, which will break your eardrums slightly more now :fr:!

But all that is boring. Well, maybe not, but maybe so compared to what’s coming next. Drumroll, please :drum:!

Enter v1.8, one of the exciting versions ever. Let’s go top to bottom!

First of all, all weather events related to snow, like blizzards, light snow, and heavy snow can spawn big ol’ icebergs, with more intense weather causing bigger and more frequent icebergs.

“Steer to the left, captain :frhigh:! It’ll damage our ship if we hit it, and they don’t even move!”

-Sun Tzu, The Art Of War Sailing

Remember the sunken item pity system we were talking about yesterday? It’s finally been implemented, and it’s game changing! Every 3,000 fish you catch, a sunken will greet you. People even calculated whether it’s better to go for a fishing rod that catches more items, or one that can speedrun to the pity number! Interesting :thinking:.

Next up is an essential quality of life, the ability to allocate 10 stat points to your build at once. You can only do it if you have 20 spare points. That’s a lot, but if you have that many you’ll definitely want this feature by your side :nod:.

Then some changes to the spell creation UI. Spell name, adjective, and synonym have just been moved into a single UI by pressing the “Edit” button next to your spell name. More convenience, less confusion :poggers2:!

Then, perhaps the most exciting of all, a new spell shaping option. Of course, it’s not functional yet, and requires 300 magic skill points or more. This means that if you’re going full mage, you can unlock it at level 150 :flushed:!

Want an arrow projectile? You’ve got it! Want a spiky ball? You’ve got it! At least I think so, maybe they won’t be so complex. But then again, Supreme Epic Lord Ultimate Amazing Vetex said this;

(Thanks to @Spectrethefox for asking Vetex this and posting it on the forums!)

This is… mega rad. Can’t wait for the creativity floodgates to open :bulb:!

That’s all we have for this week. Hope you enjoyed this anchor of the Odyssey Feed!


Welcome to the pièce de résistance of our anchor, an all new leak. See anything you like? Since I reformatted things, you don’t have to click a link to see the video. Hurrah :cold_face:!

In this video posted by Mimhere, we see an unfortunate DocTheWarBird get yoinked off a caravel into the ocean where he is eaten by numerous sea monsters :fr:.

Even though it’s just a few seconds long, we can see the terrifying stormy visuals that Arcane Odyssey can create, and the devastation that Large Waves can cause. Can we see an Alpha White eyes riding one of those suckers :flushed:?!?

We can also see some epic lightning hitting the water visuals, which were added a bit ago!

That’s ACTUALLY all for this anchor. I’m going for two years of Odyssey Feed :poggers2::balloon:!


As I was about to release this anchor of the Odyssey Feed, another leak showed up. This one is… phenomenal. I’m not even going to talk, just look for yourself.

We see Mimhere dueling Inferno in the middle of Frostmill. It seems to be ruined from so much fighting. Look at some of those buildings!

We’re also seeing this quite immediately…

Looks like Poison Jaws has 600 health. I’m sure its toughness and poisonous pearly whites make up for it, though!

Here’s some new NPCs. I missed a lot, probably!

And though I won’t talk you through all those attacks, it’s mostly those from the second set of weapon skills… I think!

See you next time. Hope you enjoyed!


Just kidding. Bye!


On Topic!

Pre v1 Released Game [Random Roleplay World/RRW]

By @Archenhailor

Something special we’ll take a look at is the release of a game Archenhailor has been working on for a while. Though I haven’t been keeping a very close track of it, nor have I played it yet :frcryin:, i’ve heard good things and this is worthy of the spot. Go play it, they put in a ton of effort :nod:!


Arcane Art!

The Exiled

By @wmdrayal

In stark contrast to Odyssey Feed’s age, let’s look at wmdrayal’s very first post in the art section. Give them a round of applause for making their way into the artist rank :clap:! I love this a ton. The cracked armor and the shapes add a lot, and I love the shifting blizzard-like overlay :mariomug:. Let’s see how far their art goes in a year!


Writing Wizardry!

( Arcane Of Magic ) Chapter 1 - “The Beginnings of Hell”

By @Ostinowsky

A while ago, Ostinowsky gave us his huge collection of OCs and a ton of information about them. But now, he’s written his first piece of writing (At least on this account), and it’s quite magnificent :ok_hand:. The only feedback I have is to maybe not italicize the entire thing and maybe not run sentences on as much. But it’s a well-done plot, taking a good twist on Arcane Universe lore, and I can see there being a ton more to come!


The Chart!

Last anchor’s riddle solver was @Broly! Congratulations for being the first to crack it!

The answer was… ”Quest Ideas”!

You open the chart, and it reads…

Roadmap Level Cap

First to comment or message me with the answer will get a shoutout next anchor!


Important Links

The Odyssey Feed

Arcane Odyssey Trello

Vetex’s Twitter


Vetex’s Devforum

TGR Info Dump (By 7grandnec)


The Arcane Lily

I hope you enjoyed!



It’s been a whole year since the first anchor (Wasn’t even an anchor back then) of the Odyssey Feed was released. With the theme of firsts, let’s take a look back at that!

I want to thank some people. @sandal, for inspiring the “anchor” part, @Inferno, for helping me with the logo, @Misinput for giving me a few winning ideas for section names, and EVERYBODY ELSE for reading and supporting the newspaper all the way throughout it’s one year old lifespan.



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120 or higher



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Can’t wait for the new redwake and frostmill weapons armours

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very epic :+1:

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Honestly, I’m surprisingly happy for the disclosure of my work, I just have to thank you from the bottom of my heart about it, in return, I’ll already be producing Episode 2 using your Feedback! That’s it, see you next time! :heart:

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nice :frhigh: :nod:

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Long Term Roadmap?


Somebody already got it but you can not look in the comments if you want and try to get it yourself too :nod:

is it the level cap? I heard level 1000 or something

could be level 100 too

Look in long term roadmap card and see what the level cap is

k bet


Got it!

ayyy nice


Just in time for our First Awakening.

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that was the plan anyway

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