﹙Arcane Of Magic﹚- Polls/Questions

Hello! :ramen: - Today I’m voting on how I’m going to write the “Arcane Of Magic” story for this forum, so I need your opinion and vote, so let’s go.

Where will the story be written?
  • Google DOCX
  • Forum Post

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Will the story have Soundtracks to listen to? (For example, if a part of the story comes to an emotional part, you will have an exciting soundtrack to listen to for a better read and a much better experience)
  • Yes.
  • No.

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Flashbacks explaining the story of each character in a particular part of the story?
  • Yes.
  • No.

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More votes may take place in the future, and for those who haven’t seen the Arcane Of Magic project, go to the forum below;

Ok, my final decision is…

1. Gonna do the storys on the FORUM.
2. Gonna have soundtracks, this is why i wanna write in the forum.
3. Gonna have some flashbacks in important moments for each character.

not completely related but the name is kind of dumb/iffy/weird

“arcane of magic”

arcane is an adjective meaning “understood by few; mysterious or secret.”

basically replace the arcane part, adjectives are descriptors of nouns not nouns themselves

“house of magic”,
“world of magic”,
“cat of magic”,
“god of magic”

would work and sound correct, using adjectives instead such as

“silly of magic”,
“sharp of magic”,
“adorable of magic”

all sound incorrect
if you did, as an example,
“arcane house of magic”
it would work because the adjective would be describing the noun


hmmmmmmmm, cool, thx

flashbacks for every character? idk if my input should count because ill probably not read ur story unless its better than other stuff I could be reading instead, but if I was to read it, id rather you explain things when necessary, leave some stuff ambiguous or if you ever reveal it let it come as a surprise

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What I wanted to say would be just flashbacks of important moments and at specific moments, not just any character appear and already have a flashback, but thanks for the tip

i know what you mean. Im saying dont feel compelled to include it, do whatever the writing appears to need at the moment. Im sure most of us would prefer that than just putting something in there because the poll said to. Sometimes its better not to even give any hint of a flashback for a character

I could go without music honestly. Also small flashbacks in the story would be great to give more insight on the characters.