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:ramen: Hello! - Welcome to my first post in this writing category, in this post I’ll be talking about the synopsis of the story “Arcane Of Magic” and explaining the confirmed characters and locations from season one! the synopsis/backstory/initial lore is…

:cyclone: Synopsis of Arcane Of Magic;

Arcane Of Magic Initial Lore

:shinto_shrine: " - In a world where most of the population possess some magic, Zuigetsu Calding, son of a mage king is trained from his youth to become a Legendary Mage, years pass and he and his brother Ishiwaka are called by his father Edamatsu to protect the temple of the “Forbidden Artifact”, but without even the zuigetsu noticing, Ishiwaka takes possession of the artifact out of power hunger and grants all the forbidden power of that artifact… which gave him all the spells in his hands, edamatsu arrives in time to save zuigetsu, but ends up in a fatal battle… Zuigetsu wakes up in a forest, in shock, without understanding absolutely anything of what happened, begins to explore the forest from which he had woken up… what will he be able to discover in this amazing world of magic and most important of all… how will he manage to exterminate his brother? … "

For now that’s all I can talk about the Arcane Of Magic storyline, probably in Episode 1 I’ll be explaining everything that needs to be explained… (I’m accepting ideas and criticisms)

:clubs: Main Characters for Season One;

Zuigetsu Calding, The Son Of The Explosions.
  • :boom: :explosion_magic: Zuigetsu Calding, The Son Of The Explosions.

Appearance: He is 23 years old, is tall, has 1.80, black hair and a little long (covering his eyes a little), his eyes color is a standard dark brown, he has long black clothes with a red T-shirt inside, long boots and a leather pants, he has a legendary magician’s garment, white and yellow in color with an explosion symbol on his back.

Lore: Born in Green Wood Hills, Zuigetsu was a very strong boy for his level, being able to destroy an entire training ground, every day he had to train at his father’s request to become a very strong person after years and years of training and fulfilling missions for his kingdom and for his father, he becomes a Legendary Mage, when Edamatsu was old, Zuigetsu and his brother Ishiwaka had to take care of a temple where he possessed the Forbidden Artifact… but in a One day, Ishiwaka took possession of the artifact and gave it all the existing elemental magics, causing a great destruction in the temple to the point of almost killing zuigetsu, being saved by Edamatsu, who thus began a deadly battle. But in a single attack by Ishiwaka, he destroyed that entire mountain, killing Edamatsu impaled and Zuigetsu just falling into the mountain’s wreckage as he was carried by the river until he reached a forest, where he woke up there… and in shock, run away. looking for something…


Ishiwaka Calding, The Son Of The Woods/The God Of Magics.
  • :drop_of_blood: :flower_playing_cards: Ishiwaka Calding, The Son Of The Woods/The God Of Magics.

Appearance: His have 24 years olds, have 1.92 meters tall, has long white hair that can reach his backside and can hide one of his eyes, with black eyes and wide open, he wears a completely black outfit, like pants and boots.

Lore: Ishiwaka was born in the kingdom of Green Wood Hills, brother of Zuigetsu, he always had the desire to become the strongest magician in the world to be able to revolutionize generations, but in the face of training, he could not demonstrate almost anything of evolution with his magic, being a little despressed by the realm, because of that, over the years, anger only built up in his whole mental state to the point of feeling disgust for humans, when Zuigetsu became Legendary Mage, he was still a Middle Class Mage , so when he found out about protecting such a temple, it was his perfect time, coming the right time and taking possession of the forbidden artifact, having all the elemental magics and having enormous power, in that he killed edamatsu and destroyed that temple entirely, disappearing soon after and never being seen again…


Edamatsu Calding, The Mage King.
  • :evergreen_tree: :wood_magic_var1: Edamatsu Calding, The Mage King.

Appearance: Hes have 71 years old, is almost two meters tall, his hair is short and brown, with a very large garment, hiding most of his body up to the neck with a brown, white and red coloration, with a symbol of a crown on the back, he has standard black eyes.

Lore: Edamatsu was born on a small island where he was constantly attacked and invaded for having large amounts of wealth, such as gold, diamonds, rubies and many other valuable minerals, Edamatsu since he was little always befriended his friend, who oddly enough did not have a name , the two became super friends and trained for a long time, both releasing their magic. One day, when they were teenagers, their island was completely attacked by several kingdoms, which started a war between all the kingdoms that invaded that island, because of that, the two had to flee, edamatsu saw in front of him his parents being dead… After sailing and sailing in a small boat, they arrive on an island far away, there they decide to stay for a long time, soon the two change their desires… now they were creating a Kingdom where there was complete peace. After several years, they were already 20 years old, and then they leave that island and go to a completely different place… arriving in a mega continent, Edamatsu finds a super flat place and decides to start creating his new kingdom. …starting from a small village to the realm it is today… but in the meantime, his friend dies in the face of a fight he had between them and a neighboring kingdom, edamatsu took it to his soul, and decided to keep it your friend’s soul in a wood. But soon after having such a powerful power never seen by other people, he was considered a Mage King.


Morgan Water, The Desert Mage.
  • :dagger: :sand_magic_var2: Morgan Water, The Desert Mage.

Appearance: His have 17 years old, is 1.72 tall, his hair almost reaches his neck and has a yellowish tinge, with caramel eyes. He has a casual leather jacket in yellow and brown coloration, along with baggy boots and a pair of leather pants.

Lore: Morgan Water was born in a small village in a small forest, close to the coasts, he had a father who worked for the Magic Council as a Captain, morgan since childhood was trained by his father to use bladed weapons, since for a long time Morgan never had unleashed his magic… But in one day, his father Jordan Water makes a coup d’etat with the magic council and starts a war between one of the great kingdoms of that region with the magic council, all this was part of his plan to conquer the desert, which was just a few kilometers from that village, with the magical advice focused on something else… Jordan leaves Morgan alone in the forest, but in the meantime, they find out what Jordan did, and upon discovering that Morgan was his son, they they send him to prison while Jordan Water became missing. In prison, morgan made several friends and had a great desire to get back at his father for the things he did, but on some random day, the prison is attacked by bandits and wizards, morgan manages to escape, leaving that prison and passing across the forest, reaching his uncles’ house. After that, morgan water became a local thief, having incredible stealth and agility, years and years of doing it and becoming more and more sought after. When he was 17 years old, he decides to rob a village… but ends up finding someone who would change his life…


Yuka Tree, The Queen Of The Plasma.
  • :crown: :plasma_magic_var1: Yuka Tree, The Queen Of The Plasma.

Appearance: Shes have 19 years old, is 1.67 tall, has long pink hair, with her beautiful bright pink eyes, wears a pink and white outfit with a crown logo on the back.

Lore: Not much is known about Yuka, what is known is that she was born in Black Tree Hills, a neighboring kingdom of Green Wood Hills, she was the daughter of the king of that kingdom where she was born and had a brother named Matsuo, the two of them grow up quite apart on the other, the two following different careers, Yuka became just a queen of the realm, while matsuo followed her career as Mage Of The Magical Council, but Yuka abandons this, no longer becoming the queen after a while and joining the magical council , becoming a High Class Mage, already her brother, a Legendary Mage. After a few years, Yuka is called on a mission…


Matsuo Tree, The Legendary Water Mage.
  • :ocean: :water_magic_var1: Matsuo Tree, The Legendary Water Mage.

Appearance: His have 29 years old, is 1.89 tall, dark brown hair a little farther down, a little over his neck, with blue eyes. He wears a blue and white outfit along with a capable one, hiding his face a little with a water wave logo on his back.

Lore: Matsuo was born in Black Tree Hills, being the son of the King of that kingdom and being Yuka’s brother, he always followed a different life from yuka, having daily training in the magic council, since his youth, he could do things that no other mage could do with his magic, he was able to create it in a very different way than many could, with that, he was able to join the magic council because of his prodigy and talent, continuing with his career and training until becoming a Legendary Mage after years old. After some time, he is called on a mission, where he had to stop a fire magic user in a village who was causing damage to the village…


Roku Ember, The Swordsman.
  • :crossed_swords: :dagger: Roku Ember, The Swordsman.

Appearance: His have 31 years, is 1.82 tall, has brown hair with a slightly long ponytail, his eyes are black and have a a little shade of dark, and has three swords. He dresses in short attire, with a half-long boot and black leather pants.

Lore: Roku was born with an extremely rare condition, he had no magic. This happens in rare cases due to family or genetics, in this case it was his family, who from the beginning were never to have any magic, with that, Roku was trained with swords since he was little in his village, he and his family were like garbage for not having any magic, but they didn’t let it shake him and continued with their training, after a while, Roku already knew how to handle two swords, leaving that village and going to live in a kingdom, because of his amazing skills with swords and handling, he luckily joined the magic council, becoming just a classless member, having no magic. Until being called for the first time on a mission…


Jordan Water, The Desert King.
  • :desert: :sand_magic_var3: Jordan Water, The Desert King.

Appearance: His have 43 years old, is over two meters tall, has black hair licked back, with a black eye and a scar right in the middle of his face, has a very long black cape and a short dress, with clothes in yellow and orange colors. , with a black shoe and long pants.

Lore: It is not known about Jordan Water’s past, what is known is that he grew up in a family of criminals only… But having his son morgan water and having carried out the coup d’état in the magical council, he fled to the desert, where there was the most populous realm, because of his mastered magic, he was able to conquer that entire realm alone, becoming the new Desert King and doing what he wanted in that place.


All status credits will be from @Kender, as I’m based on his status table, which by the way turned out really good, drop by him and support his work.

:bar_chart: Final Notes;

  • If you have any word error, I’m sorry, I’m Brazilian and I use google translator to send my posts, and if you want, you can correct me and I’ll correct the error in the post.

  • I will also be grateful if you give me an opinion on anything, whether it’s a review or something good, it’s always welcome.

  • Remembering that this is just a BASE OF A PROJECT on how it will be, there is a great chance that anything will be changed and make the final product something very different.

Thanks for reading this far, I really hope you enjoyed my Arcane Of Magic project, it was a lot of effort to get it all done, but I’m open to ideas and criticism for fixes and getting better with it (probably based on reviews I will change the lore of something). I think this is what I have to show everyone about my project. Well, that’s it, see you until next time!




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Last name’s Water and has the title of Desert King.

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