Arcane Reborn isnt all that bad

Sure some of the people are cringe and its got a different story, but IMO its one of the closest things to arcane adventures we got currently

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I am too lazy to type out what I think about AR again so


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they’re also working on revamping it too, and likely in there bugs will be fixes wedged into there

Yeah, AR isn’t a bad game per se. It’s just extremely bullshit in difficulty (Prometheus) and has a slightly toxic playerbase.

But even with those things, It’s not that different from WoM or AO. Lets face it, this community is kinda toxic sometimes. Also, if WoM was continued, I’m sure it would exhibit the same bullshit difficulty that AR displays. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised if AO had bullshit difficulty too.

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ar is shit

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your opinion and thats okay, but it isnt entirely shitty to me at least

devs are shit for stealing the game and monetizing it
milking a dead game

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Bad player base, and a bad history of devs. Aside from that, not horrible.

they’ve got nearly more than what AA had at a point but k

You know Vetex gave them permission to make Arcane Reborn, right?

“slightly toxic”

Boy you’ve never been to Sabura long enough have you?

Arcane reborn.
Yes I can solo pyramids and I can almost solo prometheus

I’ve seen worse than what goes on in Sabura, believe me.

it really isnt bad im just behind on levels for where i am and not able to beat a boss without cheesing or help

I didn’t constantly get killed by clan players in AA, so Screenshot 2021-02-26 at 5.33.07 PM

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K fair

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i tried AR with some friends a little while ago
it was about what I remember AA to be

I created my character, levelled up a few times, died before I finished the crazy wizards quest, and since I’d levelled up too many times I had to sail back to the starter island to finish it so I could pick up the doom island quest.
Then I used an autoclicker to get to level 120 because “xd simulator game”.

I killed the evil person in the doom island cave, sailed to savaria, picked up the quest for the evil sand tower, died to a massive swarm of sword NPCs on the way up, had to sail back from the sky island, died again, sailed back again, climbed to the top, got knocked back down by the fling tornado attack, died again, sailed back, and eventually decided that despite being ~60 levels overlevelled, I actually wasn’t strong enough to clear the tower, and I’d need to run the autoclicker even longer if I was going to continue with the main questline.

I could have gone out and explored, but since I’ve played AA I’m fully aware that there’s nothing worth finding. Maybe buying more equipment would have helped, but grinding lamina for gear is more tedious and less effective than just running the AHK script.

My time spent playing was 80% “grinding”, 15% sailing back to where I died and 5% kiting enemies with regen.
AA without the novelty is a terrible game.


This is true. Without the boost of nostalgia AR’s story/leveling experience is absolutely horrible, and is a massive turn-off for most people trying to get into the game. Not to mention how janky and downright unfair the bosses and NPCs are in that game. Prometheus and Rupin are probably the two best examples of just… horrible design, and are entirely unfun and unintuitive to fight.

Only reason AA and AR survive is because of PvP.

What I did was slam my keyboard, cry for 5 minutes, quit AR for a few days, then realize sky skates exist therefore skipping all the challenge in Ramses’s tower

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