Are enchanted items getting disenchanted in ao?

i forgor ( 20 characters)

no but you can disenchant them

not all of them, but strong and keen enchanted things are wiped to clean, and hard to bursting, and knockback to intensity

can u put any enchant on any item using a scroll

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I thought it was swift getting converted to clean and keen getting converted to attack speed.

ye if it works

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idk but attack speed is named swift

wdym ‘‘if it works’’ can u not disenchant any item u want?

only the swift enchant on armor and the strong enchant on armor are being converted into clean. the other enchants stay the same or change name.

  1. it has to be disenchanted
  2. the enchantment has to match, you cant put hard enchant on weapons for example.

weapons on wom can have a hard enchant tho :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

ye but those are changed to bursting in ao

ohh i see

To elaborate more on this, Hard weapons to Bursting.

Why keen? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Why not sturdy sword like with shields lol?

@Shell_Seawing @ThatOneGuy
both swift and keen (from wom) are turning into attack speed in ao
but strong indeed gets wiped clean

this is old proof but i doubt anything has changed

only for weapons very important to mention

This will always sit wrong with me. Why convert Swift items into Keen but not Strong into Powerful? Ik you don’t know the answer, prolly only Vetex does, but still this seems silly imo. Converting Swift items into Keen requires him to actively do it. It’s not a byproduct of decision like cleaning Strong items. Strong items are becoming clean because their stat, Strength, is being removed. Swift item’s stat, Magic Speed, is also being removed. So Vetex had to have gone out of his way to make sure Swift items are becoming Keen. But why and if so why only Swift to Keen and not Strong to Powerful (funny cause powerful got renamed to Strong in AO.)

It’s confusing and I don’t see why this is how it is. Could be cause Strong/Powerful are “better” but that isn’t really the case and imo all stats, save for insanity, drawback, and warding, should be treated equally in their balance.


I can’t help but agree with your statement.

i fully agree with you and idk why vetex made this decision. Might be something to do with powerful always having been seen as superior compared to strong. Swift and keen on the other hand always were bad enchants of equal value.
but this is highly speculative so dont take it as a fact