Are guilds worth it?

I wanna make a guild for the fun of it but I’m scared I will get ganked every five seconds, is it worth making one?

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Short answer: no

Long answer: fuck no

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if ur joining one depends how good it is so u can learn stuff and play with other people

if ur making 1 no unless u got people that you know can PvP otherwise you’ll just be free kills

Yes. Trust me. It is worth making a guild…

It’ll help all the leaderboard guilds a bunch as well. Probably even more.

It depends on your playstyle.

Do you want to sign yourself up to gank others, while being ganked yourself? Do you want your guild to grow stronger to maybe hit the leaderboards?
If so, by all means, make a guild!

If you’re more of a casual player. You like to farm bosses, chest farm, fish, etc. Not a PvP person, don’t want to get slapped by the Suncry member on their worst servers (:smirk:)?
Don’t make a guild. Not even as a bank. If you want a bank, make a guild on a level 1 file and transfer the crowns to that file.

yes and no

depends on you, really but you’ll get ganked

you won’t get ganked if you’re the one doing the ganking

yes this is a fact

False. I’m the one doing the ganking yet I get ganked.

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Making a guild means that you sign up to defeat other guilds, so a guild is worth it if you want to fight players more but if you are not that into PVP then nah. You can use a guild as a bank tho

worth it for:

  • banks
  • for pvp-ing other ppl
  • actually making a community if you have friends

worth not for:

  • getting ganked if you are a skillissue
  • ganked

imo yes

i’ve made a bunch of close friends by making a guild so i don’t regret it one bit and i can’t believe at one point in time i considered not making or joining a guild at all

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Probably won’t make one cause I’m dogshit at pvp with gold.

Well I was not on a guild file and Josh still Ganked me twice.

you get 3rd partied or do the people you tryna gank find you 1st


They are not worth it, can confirm.

Instead of making an ingame guild (bcs that’s pointless unless u want to be rlly competitive) make a discord and just have an “outside” guild that doesnt have the problems of infamy.

However, if you want to get competitive, sure. Get some friends, find good pvpers, and beat up other guilds. Also, if you need help making a guild I have a tutorial.