Are guilds worth it?

worth it for:

  • banks
  • for pvp-ing other ppl
  • actually making a community if you have friends

worth not for:

  • getting ganked if you are a skillissue
  • ganked

imo yes

i’ve made a bunch of close friends by making a guild so i don’t regret it one bit and i can’t believe at one point in time i considered not making or joining a guild at all

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Probably won’t make one cause I’m dogshit at pvp with gold.

Well I was not on a guild file and Josh still Ganked me twice.

you get 3rd partied or do the people you tryna gank find you 1st


They are not worth it, can confirm.

Instead of making an ingame guild (bcs that’s pointless unless u want to be rlly competitive) make a discord and just have an “outside” guild that doesnt have the problems of infamy.

However, if you want to get competitive, sure. Get some friends, find good pvpers, and beat up other guilds. Also, if you need help making a guild I have a tutorial.


“Beat people up and make fun of them” -Suncry Man

the words of a true ingame guild member

Sometimes my members are 500 meters away.

So I get multi teamed and my fps fucks me into slow mo so escaping isn’t even possible

Yes i saw u yesterday with jesus ping

Vet gen reg


Vetex general regular.
(You talk a lot about how bad guilds are in vetex server #general)

I’ve never done that honestly

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