Are magicless people considered disabled?

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  • yes
  • probably
  • unlikely
  • no
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as magicless people are more common than mages, no

in a reversed situation tho, like in MHA, ive seen some people say quirkless people are disable so theres that ig

“are mage disable then?” i wouldnt call the guys who can casually nuke towns and islands disable but :person_shrugging:


probably depends if they have potential in any of the other stats. Like if you got no magic but you an punch real good, youll be fine.

does the mean that all the fighting style users are all disabled and Kai is also disabled?

Magic isn’t something that just naturally happened in human, it was given to them, so no I wouldn’t consider being magicless to be a disability. One might consider people who need a welfare check from Prometheus to be a little disabled though. Not to say magic is a disability but the people who use it are probably disabled which is why they can’t use fighting styles or weapons as well or at all if they’re a mage.

i hope so

The centurions who have 2 magics and wield a great sword and can use tempest…

With this treasure, i summon…
6-circle magic
divine mage


2 answers.
Yes and Maybe


Bro, gods gave humanity the gift of magic, and you telling me, that you cant cast it in ANY shape or form!? There’s something wrong with you then tbh.
it is said that immense stress and adrenaline rush (or canon event) is enough to cause epiphany (EG. Enizor) to unlock magic, so why cant you do that? If you did’nt get it when you was 5-7, why not give yourself a canon event or smth?


Okay, lets say that we put “=” between magic users and magicless monkeys. THEORETICALY, cause we all know its not true.
So let me ask you a following question. A chef who has fire magic and who can precicely control flame and magicless dude using an oven, would they have a ‘fair competition’? Hell nah.
Uh, what about someone who can use heal magic and magicless alchemist? Perhaps, but heal magic is unlimited* healing.

Did you know that in terms of magic and magicless life spans, magic users have a distinct advantage? Unlike their magicless counterparts who may be lucky to reach a century, magic people can defy time itself, living up to a staggering 1000 years. Beyond longevity, each magic possesses unique abilities that seamlessly integrate into every aspect of life, providing unparalleled advantages. From enhancing physical prowess to mastering intellectual pursuits, magic spells offer a cornucopia of utility. It’s clear that having magic is not just a privilege but a necessity, making magic users simply superior to magicless worms.


Still disabled, both magics are welfare checks from Prometheus and 200 weapon skill is only high from our current strengths point of view, if they weren’t disabled it’d be higher. I guarantee if they didn’t have magic they’d be wheelchair bound and braindead.

Is this what magic users think when they go to pick up their disability checks from Prometheus?

if I was in AO with no magic I would cry

Feel like using Toji is pretty ironic for you

As a sky person enthusiast I wouldn’t settle for anything less than calling these magic-less godless sea-swelling monkeys disabled.

Bro all the gods are fucking dead we’re all godless, magic users just live off their life insurance

Who needs gods when the sky people are our own gods.

Don’t cry, just lock-in and become the worlds most cracked martial artist or swordsmen

Only in Skyhall and Cerulea.

Cerulea I can agree with, but Skyhall feels more like a “If you’re not from here you’re scum” kind of place