Are magicless people considered disabled?

it aint that deep bruh

okay nicky

cower behind your facade of unfunny jpegs and jjk gifs

keep the truth hidden from them guys not everyone is deserving of the true power of wood fr

oh you think my gifs are funny? thank you!

honestly no not really jjk memes are stale af and I don’t even know where you got the femtex one

too late, you already called them funny

I think you need to get your eyes checked


why do you even have that screenshotted

such a genuinely obscure thing to capture

do you just screenshot like everything you come across

and also, i need validation from other people to survive

oookayyy then

anyways idk why y’all acting like wood sucks as a magic if you wanna clown on something go clown on wind because that is significantly weaker

(or shadow if we went by realistic laws…)

yeah we do that too

we’ll never understand it tbh

everyone here does that why we waist time on a forum page arguing about thing we will figure out in due time. all magics are made equal according to Vetex, just use wood/ acid great combo and stop shitting on other magics.

wind is amazing with max attack size and knockback, it can send people from ravana to pallo town, i dont see how thats bad then i can force some to the bottom of the ocean and down them.

wind is the best magic buddy… hop off my wood magic stick.

No, magic people are just gifted.

Being more doesn’t make people less (unless you’re taking it by relativity).
If someone irl was borderline superhuman with twice the physical prowess of the average man, you wouldn’t count them as disabled, even though there’s more “normal” people than them.

by this logic we should nerf mage and buff thermo :hugs:

Where would Polemos fit? A magicless guy (unattuned) so strong he’s called a legend and is actually the only “legendary” character we know of that’s not retconned (Sond/Torren) besides Freedrock and maybe Theos.

He’s also immune to magic (he’s not immune, just really strong)

Also the only “legend” we know of with a normal lifespan

Tbh first time hearing who he is

“Such a wasted, unrealized potential, hindered by the fact of unawakened mind. Oh well… A legend that lasts only a dozen of years? That’s funny.”