Are Sea curse users immortal?

I doubt we’ll ever meet him either but it would be really cool

Especially seeing how radius fist managed to make its way to the war seas via lost scrolls, maybe there’s a tiny sliver of a chance that there’ll be a freedrock reference somewhere (I’m coping I know it’ll probably never happen :frcryin:)

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well for a bit of a lore dump, a pirate guy by the name of Arthur curse beard forced Prometheus to create the sea curses and the flame curses especially were powered up by Prometheus in order for someone to kill Arthur, the curses provide immortality, invulnerability to normal attacks (I.e stuff like pistols, swords aka nothing that don’t have magic) and control over a certain element. from started magics like light and magma to more unique powers like Lazarus and cloud.

elemental allows you to turn into that curse’s certain magic, internal (I think that’s how it’s called) that is everything else and super curses, I.E 2 or more curses absorbed at the same time.

but thanks to durza the sea water is polluted with unstable magic that sucks the strangth out of the bulk of curse users.

internals arn’t effected, elementals are weaken if thye go waste deep and supercurses:

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To add on, internal curses and elemental curses are the same thing.

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Devourer just prevents the curse from shooting out far away

i hold hope. AO’s lore is apparently going to have the ultimate fate of the AU included in it, and freedrock is alive and almost definitely capable of going to the war seas, so we might see him, considering he’s one of the 11 unknowns.

immune to disease, aging past their prime, and other trivial things mortal humans would suffer, conventional plain weapons won’t work on them either (they just shift into their element and rebuild themselves [julian])

best way to beat them are through magical means, or if possible, dump them into the sea. if AA’s curse rules apply here too, being engulfed in sea water should disable or just kill them

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he wanted the death curse, he basically already had the cloud curse so he could’ve taken that if he wanted to

You can become a supercurse user, which is a person with more than 1 sea curse.

But it’s almost impossible. Arthur The Cursebeard is the only known example of a supercurse user.

To become a supercurse user, you need to touch 2 or more curses at the exact. Same. Time. Down to a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a microsecond. Too late or too early and it fails.

Arthur managed to touch 4 at the same time.

bruh cursebeard is built different, was there at least one curse he missed or something (assuming that wouldnt kill you)

I may be tripping but I think he just put 4 curses that he found the most powerful together using Arcanium gauntlets, and then just jumped from a cliff onto all 4 at once (I don’t think he missed any)

he somehow touched them all right down to the nano-smaller-than-second

drown them, use sailor fisting style, handcuff them with navy’s handcuffs, use weapon that is made of navy’s handcuffs, use devour weapon, legendery weapon or magic

He wanted the death curse specifically because his grandfather had it (and you can see in his phase 2 attacks because a bit of the magic is passed down at least 2 generations)

it was the curse that was used to Ruin Prince Neviro’s kingdom and create the wastes that Akursius Keep was built on

any weapon after you awaken as a build with weapons would work
as would any fighting style

they both get innate/subconscious magic after awakening

there’s actually a curse hunter in the au and they hunt curse users for a price and (iirc) they fight cursebeard and it ends in a tie

curse hunter


technically yeah but seawater makes em go pop

or you use a devourer

Elius’ explanation. Hope this clears things up.