Are we gonna get custom keybinds or not?

i’ve seen so many goddamn people talk about this, but i haven’t seen anything with vetex or whoever talking about this. i personally don’t have a problem (tho the block button is still confusing me), but honestly for some people it is a pretty annoying thing, that just isn’t a problem we should have.


from what I recall, theres a mention on the trellos ‘future updates/plans’ card mentioning keybinds

edit: theres mentions for keybinds for menus, no custom keybinds, but there is a guide in the guides section about it


last time we asked it was too hard to add or something like that

i really don’t believe that tbh. would need a more concrete answer for that

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that def ain’t custom keybinds. it’s just a feature for opening the menu’s (rn can only open some of them via buttons iirc. or smth like that)

yes i did say in my post that

check out this, it’s super useful!
if you don’t want something super indepth and just wanna swap two keys, you can do


I personally use


which rebinds my mouse4 key to block, it’s been super super useful and I’ve been learning to parry more

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The reason some of the binds are so in-depth is due to the fact that they replicate functionality. For example the script separates the dash and charge magic keys for convenience, which is not normal ingame behavior which is why they’re so long. Also it’s *keyone::keytwo with an asterisk because although that may work for some keys it won’t work for others that are already binded ingame, so it’s best practice to just always have one.

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i don’t want to have to do such an unnessecary thing just because vetex hasn’t changed it yet.

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vetex probably isn’t going to add custom bindings, and the fact you’re inferring you want the keybinds fixed means you don’t find changing them unnecessary, you just dont feel like learning a new control scheme.

yeah I just hope he adds keybinds soon

by unnecessary i meant being forced to use a third party software/programm, just to have the keybinds that you want. it’s dumb.

Controls for a game are more important than you realize. I feel for the mfs who still have to put actual effort into dashing in this game.