Are ya'll gonna stick to WoM or will ya'll check AL: Recoded out once it releases?

Just a random question lol, I’ve played the recoded version and I gotta say that shit is smooth as fuck, there are almost no bugs, and plenty of items are already added.

If you wanna check the game out here it is :

I don’t really mean to advertise, but this is the only proper AA remake, and just wanted to see if ya’ll wanna replay it to experience the story again.

prob gonna check it out when I get fully drained out of wom
arcane reborn just sucks imo

Yeah arcane reborn is hot garbage, this remake is really good though, it may or may not even be slightly better than the original

No, because why play ripoff version of the prequel to World of Magic.

cause it’s good that’s why

What is this “Prequel to World Of Magic” shit ya talking about?

Arcane Adventures, more like you don’t know anything

I don’t think the game will have a community to support it though. Even though it’s recorded and everything, WoM is the deal rn

Yeh that’s a fair point. It’s really nice that we’ll get to re-expierience aa if we wanted to though

sorry for the uh necro-ping or whatever but I was suspended lmao

What is this “Arcane Adventures Sequel” shit you all talking about?

World of magic is AA 2 .-.

but you can’t get itmes though and you spawn with non

doesnt seem worth the wait

if this remake is actually good then i might try it out, i just hope it’s not a glitchy mess like AR lmao, last time i tried to play that i couldn’t even talk to theos on newground island

What is this “World Of Magic Sequel” shit ya talking about?

it’s a remake of the original AA

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What’s this “Remake of AA, and Prequel to World Of Magic” shit ya talking about?

What’s this “World Of Magic Prequel Recoded” shit ya all talking about?

I’ll be sure to check it out if it’s worth my time for a rainy day, but I’m still gonna dump all my time on WoM