Are you ready for AO? 🧐

can I haz free headless

(I’m very poor pls :pleading_face: )

Unfortunately, I’ll have to decline.

I only have 3 I could use 2 more :pleading_face::pleading_face:

I’ll be honest, I dont have too much on any of my files, but I don’t mind, since I personally feel it will be more fun to obtain everything once Arcane Odyssey comes out than to just start with a bunch of items (yeah I know they have level caps and all but it still feels wrong for me).


That’s still far, far above the average.

Yeah but no. I’m not doing any of that stocking up stuff or trading. All I’m concerned about is what to go for on my main file. I’m leaning toward Conjurer more but the “I’m going Conjurer” memes are out there

This is actually true

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We’ve been waiting a damn long time for this game. I’ve been here since the revamp got announced, and I’ve spent so many hours on this forum, just waiting. I might not even know when the game comes out.

crystal superiority in the Arcane odyssey

I’ve always wanted a gang with every crystal color in it, even pukey yellow citrine.

we could fight pirates and explore together and line up our blasts to make rainbows

one day… one day…

:crystal_magic_var1: :crystal_magic_var2: :crystal_magic_var3: :crystal_magic_var4: :crystal_magic_var5: :crystal_magic_var6: :crystal_magic_var7:

crystal club
crystal cult, cultstal?

We need crystal club

the power rangers

honestly i got no idea how people can still play wom

mainly dialogue for me.

i just play so i can destroy stuff for free during threats (good rep perks)
im gonna miss that kind of fun during ao, though at least literally everything else is getting an improvement