Armor Piercing stat will be a failure

no use ur attacks

Safe to say armour piercing failed to do what it’s supposed to do (pierce armour)


ngl max AP is a lot more viable than max resistance

Also max regen is basically useless from the clips I’ve seen. I think they got like 10 or 15 extra health per tick with max vitality and regen over no regen or vitality. Safe to say all of these new stats need tweaking.

Also, why did blud Foxtail make a whole new account just to reply to something I said in February lol

@ Vetex :man_kneeling: :woman_kneeling: straight :arrow_right: up :point_up_2: :arrow_up: remove :x: Armour :shield: Piercing :broken_heart: man :man_standing: , it 🇮 🇹 doesnt :negative_squared_cross_mark: add :hammer: depth :swimming_man: to combat :boxing_glove: it literally removes features :paw_prints: because :point_up_2: why :question: run :running_man: defense :shield: when you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: can take 1000 damage :broken_heart: :egg: from some ap stan :smiling_imp: :broken_heart: , why :grey_question: block :x: when :question: you :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: can :canned_food: just dodge :cloud: to entirely negate damage :broken_heart: , vetex :person_kneeling: do you hear :ear: me :man_kneeling: man :man_standing: ap :avocado: :dog: straight up :arrow_right: :arrow_up: removed :x: features :foot: and now everyone :person_in_motorized_wheelchair: is gonna run :running_man: less than 500 defense :shield: to counter :arrows_counterclockwise: ap defense :shield: :broken_heart: straight up :arrow_right: :arrow_up: got gutted :anatomical_heart: man :man_standing: like :revolving_hearts: wtf bro :man_standing: please :man_kneeling: please :woman_kneeling: please :person_kneeling: listen :ear: to me :man_bouncing_ball: man :man_standing: straight up :straight_ruler: :chart_with_upwards_trend: flipping :sleeping_bed: remove :x: ap :shield: :broken_heart: it shouldnt effect :sparkles: high :potted_plant: defense :shield: anyway tbh since it pierces :flushed: through :hot_face: resistance :shield: and blocking :x:, why :question: it piercing :flushed: through high :chart_with_upwards_trend: health :health_worker: there aint anything to pierce :flushed: through theres just a lot of it :flushed: :hot_face: , anyway one :1234: building :classical_building: nullifying anyother is so dumb :school: man :man_standing: who :grey_question: came :flushed: up :chart_with_upwards_trend: with rock :rock: scissors :two_women_holding_hands: :couplekiss_woman_woman: meta, and also 1 :1234: stat relying on another to work :flushed: :couplekiss_man_man: so dumb :school: like :broken_heart: wth deepwoken :trident: does piercing :flushed: so much better actualy armour :shield: bar :chocolate_bar: man :man_standing: anyway im :person_standing: always againts balance team :balance_scale: :couplekiss_man_man: gutting :facepunch: things but in this case i :man_standing: think its fine anyway :couplekiss_woman_woman: :two_women_holding_hands: :family_woman_woman_girl_boy: (compete sentence :person_standing: ).

Even without AP defence got gutted from removing the extra regen it gives and making that a separate stat. Makes me feel like I’m doing some Ironman challenge in AO when I take damage and see that throughout a bossfight it remains low instead of healing when I’m intentionally buying time to heal.

On top of that, defense users get extra damage done to them from AP users while their extra health doesnt give them extra regen, yet Vitality users don’t take extra damage from AP, and DO get extra regen from their extra health.

I think what they were trying to do is make regen better for drawn out fights and for vitality users and defense better for short term but regen broke, defense gets shat on by AP so its just glass canon meta

After everything’s said and done, Glass Cannon Meta will be waiting for us… :pensive:

vetex was indeed not cooking that well with this one, I see why they seperated regen and hp but yeah no one blocks so its only really good against npcs and resistance is so useless because its not some sort of flat damage resistance it just anti ap (once again only useful in pve because you can use stuff like surge and not take 100000 damage) apperently regen is bugged currently so we will see if regen will be meta or not as you only need enough hp to withstand good amount of hits not a gazillion hp and with regen you just would straight up last longer as long as you dont get absolutely obliterated which from my experience really never happens

tbh Armour Piercing just feels like another stat to bloat builds

Resistance gives damage resistance agaisnt all attacks but i think u have to be like charging the attack or smthing

stat bloat already reaching yoshi8me levels man how much more of this can we take :sob:

JUST from watching this video I’m making a wind mage now

I need to try it

This aged like a fine milk

A worthy punishment for trying to parry

ok so apperently resistance is only for when you use moves, and ap buffs damage against higher defense and more damge against blocking and even more damage against perfect blocking (vetex was not cooking)

Don’t forget how they have no ult art cooldowns, so they can spam it all they want