Armored Patrol Weapons and Tools Tier List


Made a vehicle tier list, now it’s time for the weapons and tools used by the infantry of Armored Patrol. That’s all. Like before I was bored and am in a AP phase again, so, here you go :nod:

F: Useless

  • Flare Gun - Useless tool yet it’s the highest in F-tier, it has one very niche purpose to let your team know where you but there are some issues. One, enemies see it. Two, your team won’t help you 90% of the time. Three, you are not the hardest thing to spot on a map. Anyone can see you without a flare. It could serve some very niche job but that’s about it, at it’s very most. Did I mention how this is the best item in F tier?
  • Flashlight - The actual most useless tool in the game. Flare does something, jack does something, this? It does nothing, just produces light. The game never gets dark. Sure, night happens, but it never gets dark. Actually useless. It says it’s for a cave. This is how bright caves are.

    need I continue?
  • Jack - To end off F tier we got a very, very useless item. Vehicles flip by themselves, so long as you’re in them, and finding a vehicle that’s upside down is nigh-impossible because you either abandon a vehicle or are killed in it. If you’re killed in it, you’re using it, so you’re 99.99% likely on your wheels. If you abandon it, you just left it, so it’s pretty likely upright too. Besides you’d also have to get to the vehicle, decide if it’s worth while, then use the jack on it. It’s so specific and just never likely to be used. I have seen flares, I have not seen Jacks.

D: Niche

  • Binoculars - A pretty niche item at best. Despite it’s tier it works amazing with the Nashorn, you can literally snipe people with a tank from across the map with it. Nigh-perfect precision too, honestly amazing. However when you’re not doing that this is actually worthless garbage. First person just in general isn’t advised but first person with a whole 1 FOV? Yeah no thanks. Has it’s uses, specifically with nash, but generally shit.

  • Smoke - This can work sometimes but smoke, generally, isn’t the ideal cover. I have not seen it in action a whole lot but if you get shot in AP you don’t only get a hit indicator but their name/health starts appearing to you through soft cover like bushes and…smoke. So yeah hit someone once in there and they’re dead but if there’s a cave or a rock they can hide behind for a while it can be used successfully. Still, pretty specific and rarely works. Plus you only get 3 PER GAME, which is semi-fair since if you could spam this the battlefield would just be fog. Also does shit if you’re trying to hide as a vehicle.

  • Thermal Vision - This is basically just soft cover wall hacks. You can see people through grass and smoke but you can’t be completely zoomed out while doing so, at least you’re not locked in first person. The goggles themselves look ugly and you got pink vision somehow but not a bad item overall just never something you need and pretty useless as a result. If names didn’t appear through grass/smoke when someone was shot than this would be in a higher tier.

C: Situational

  • Foxhole - This will work to prolong your life until teammates arrive to aid you, if they help, works pretty good with the flare but still the flare is the flare. Also works well with smoke, deploy cover and make your fox hole without being blasted to kingdom come by some guy in a Tiger using .50 cal auto premium. Pretty good as a last ditch defense but you’re ultimately just stuck there until help comes or they give up. You can fight back but you’re just very limited and in a small area.

  • Run - This is probably the “tool” I’d change the most. It is nigh-useless to most people but I have a heavy biased. AP is mostly about armored vehicle conflict so a run tool that only can assist you on foot seems like it just wouldn’t be valid. However it makes you surprisingly fast and I have avoided so many deaths with this thing. Just, so many drawbacks to keep it from top tier. Long cooldown, not toggable, can’t have a weapon while initially equipping it. Just not that ideal though I believe it’s very good pros mixed with it’s very bad cons makes it a solid C tier.

B: Essential

  • Dynamite - I see this, personally, as just a second C4. Has decent range rather than the pitiful C4 by comparison but it doesn’t have the same power of it. C4 is typically used up close anyways and longer the range less accurate it just is. I’m sure this could be fine on it’s own but just not something I use a whole lot of. Just secondary C4, that’s it.

  • Grenade - One of the three basic components of infantry PvP and also the second least useful, first being the rifle but we’ll get to that. Grenades are essential for killing players and if you can land one in a vehicle it not only feels good but will likely kill if not heavily damage the player inside. It really does feel good. It serves as an area denial device in infantry PvP as well as a little surprise factor since a good number of people will forget you threw one. Doesn’t hurt to just toss one out there.

  • Rifle - The least useful of the three major infantry PvP weapons. Has okay damage but even with premium shots it takes forever to kill someone just with a rifle. On top of that it has no use against vehicles though I cannot list how many times I’ve killed someone with this very basic, starter weapon. It might not hit the hardest but of the three it’ll hit the fastest by a land slide.

A: Mandatory

  • C4 - You want to fuck some shit up and put a large hole in the side of just about anything? C4 is the way to go. Throw some on an object or vehicle, shoot it, then watch a hole be made with it’s raw explosive power. The only drawback is you don’t get enough, and it’s pretty limited range, but it can also be used inside of vehicles so it can act as a major edge in a fight.

  • RPG - A weapon everyone should have. Cheap and useful. Can be used from inside vehicles and can basically just act as a second, weaker, shot from your tank without an angle limit. Extremely effective against helicopters, useful in PvP, and is the only protection against vehicles you can get while not being in one yourself. I have beaten players in tanks while on foot thanks to the RPG (and c4).

  • Repair - You’ve just finished a fight with a tank or two, your own tank took some pretty mighty blows with some holes that even expose you. This an all-too common situation most players will find themselves in but thankfully we got the repair tool. By itself, not that much it can repair but so long as you got a crate nearby you can repair so much more without wasting any of your spare parts. A must have, no real downsides to it.

  • Build - In my opinion the most powerful tool one can have, their imagination. The build tool can allow you to construct many things so long as you have the required crates. A well fortified area can hold off the enemy for who knows how long. Most weapons act as a great spear to pierce through enemies while this is thee greatest defensive tool someone could get and if you have a team this is godly. Also there’s a glitch to build on vehicles, kinda OP for some, but not many people know how to do it.

so that’s my list, if you want to make your own go ahead; I’ll link it below :nod:


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Oh shit yeah my bad. Sorry :nod:

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this is the real shit for me because i loved strapping my jeep with like 15 c4s before rushing in to nuke :frcryin:

Now that you’ve talked about it, I should really start using RPG more in that game
Also, C4 is too fun, especially just to cause a chain reaction on someone’s build or tank

RPGs are like the first thing you should get imo.

Strangely, I always get everything but that because I originally thought it was a walking only thing and not that useful

Yeah no tool is really “walking only”. Grenades, RPGs, Rifles, they can all be used while you’re in a vehicle.

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all i ever do is build a base and defend it forever. even alone, im almost unstoppable unless i didnt have enough crates to build both cannons

It was more fun to do in urban patrol imo. Vehicles weren’t as much as a dominate force as they are in AP due to wide open spaces. A smaller, tighter, less vehicle dominated map is pretty good for bases as they feel like, yk, bases. In AP you rarely get that feel anymore but maybe that’s just me.

Glad AP2 will have an Urban Patrol mode :poggers2:

Foxholes are fun, they usually forget about me and I run to the nearest vehicle to repair and bounce out of there

I’ve recently really starting to use them and I think I undervalued them. They’ve not only started to really save my ass but I took out like 5 tanks while being “stuck” in one over the course of 10~ minutes. It was fun, might be B-tier worthy.

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