Assistance needed regarding memory leak

Honestly, from experience, im pretty sure the sails arent involved in lag, but rather are affected by it (the longer you go while lagging, the more your sails will stretch to oblivion.)

I did some experiments with the inventory system, as I sincerely believe that solving the inventory issue would almost completely solve permanent FPS drops for most players. In the first attached video, I spam the tab key to repeatedly open my inventory, and I pause occasionally to check my FPS while my inventory is closed. My FPS drops from around 60 fps to 15 fps and it persists at 15 fps permanently after the inventory was last closed. In the second video, I spam the backpack and I couldn’t really notice that much of a difference, maybe because the backpack has less items. I tested the inventory spam again for a short bit and my average FPS outside of inventory dropped to around 30 fps. People open their inventories a lot spread out over the span of an average gameplay session, but because it usually isn’t as frequent as I show in my videos, they aren’t likely to be able to pinpoint the actual cause, which I believe to be the inventory.

The only way to reset your FPS after this is to leave and rejoin.


Welcome to the forums icy, thank you for your video.
I really do hope this contributes to solving the inventory lag issue, thats been a major peeve of mine everytime I play the game.

Anyways, here’s a cookie, and I hope you enjoy your stay!


I get max fps when i first joined the game, but as I travel around the world my average fps is gradually decreasing.

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Welcome, that is indeed what a memory leak is

Loading any kind of item icon, like opening the trade UI, inventory, the backpack or even collecting alot of items from chests or npc drops. Also when you’re trading or selling some item that you have in the hundreds, like reagents or fruits, each time you click on it to add one more you get laggier. I bet it is bc the icons dont unload propely.
Weird thing is that back in WoM this also happened, but when you opened your inv again it sometimes fixed itself.

Guys he didn’t mean lagspikes, he meant consistent lag that only stops when you rejoin.

I’ll do my part of the testing when the Nimbus Sea gets released on friday but here are 2 videos of some guy who found out that spamming the inventory is one of the ways to cause consistent lag. (that’s inventory, not backpack)

From my memory, > equiping your imbued weapons as a poison conjurer < also causes perma lag, memory leak, whatever it’s called.

I’ll post on this forum/thread(?) again when the nimbus sea arrives, but i hope this info already helped out a bit. Cya!

i couldnt post the second link cuz i just made this account but the second video is on his channel (he only has 2 videos so its not hard to find)

bro i just saw your vid. holy based keep up the good work. try out imbued weapons next pls :pray:

Query: Does reducing the number of items in backpack/inventory mitigate the issues?