Astria winnin. More than noble perhaps

We’ve gone through some changes. Now after countless hours of osu, phantom forces, and praying to son gintama christ chan. We’re here to announce that astria is winning!
Join us. So you two can be winning


Just how many times have you changed your guild? :fr:

Let’s see…

I have a problem.

Yes, yes you do

Leo @everyone ping :pingrage:

I liked voyagers the most, to be honest. That’s probably biased, since i’m a space nerd.

Astra winnin’

How dare you use the wrong spelling. I hope your guild fails for this one specific reason

surely this should spice up reaction times

Why don’t you win deez nuts

shut up noble better


wtf Austria is winning??? :flushed:

adolfsus! :flushed::flushed:

why did i read this as “Austria winnin”

Sustria :flushed:


when the fuhrer is sus! :flushed::space_invader:

when the barbarossa is taking place! :flushed: