Oh yeah btw we're called voyagers now

Basically. Spearbreak disbanded. Going under a new name. We’re now called. Voyagers.

Legions, Lore, Basically nearly everything has been put into spacelike terms. We’re also 10x more umineko based

It’s comin out in AO as well. Anyways
Errr here’s the new logo.

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Much better name and logo

U guys gonna voyage to the top of the leaderboard :swag:

How did you guys create a logo in such a short amount of time after finding a name

I am on the fucking grind.

This was also searched. But I edited it.

I just hope Creed isn’t going to be the reason yall disband…

This was my main reason for disbanding. We’ll just recover. (Or try to at least) from your attacks.




it kinda is… We get 100 infamy, Creed gets 1000 infamy from us lol…

Creed hasn’t even been made yet, so it isn’t “creed gets” or “it kinda is”, but “creed will get” and “it kinda will be”, but u don’t even know if creed will take ur infamy do idk if u had a stroke while writing it or something else happened

sparky trying to start beef again lmao

Always has been.


i like it but it in AO or out in public even in WoM i feel like it would be ehh. You want to get better and stronger right? maybe use try to use aggressive colors like red AND black to fix up logo.

im not starting beef or trying to, ur just acting like some fortune telling sage

For some reason its looking like leo doesn’t wanna train with the rest of us.

Shame. He’s also referring to resetting as skill.

hm? resetting is a skill, and wdym I dont wanna train with the rest of us??? i leigt just trained with obama like 30 minutes ago… so idk

Oh you have. Good. Mb I guess I never checked training request. Well if you’re training with obama (who’s fortunatly your region) youshould improve