August 2023: Bitch of the Month Voting

Since March is nearly over, it’s time to look back and investigate which user has contributed the most to this community, and deserves the prized Bitch of the Month Badge! Whether it be horrendous art, terrible writing, repetitive content, or many, many more things, there’s a lot of ways that a user can become Bitch of the Month!

As soon as possible after the voting time ends (Read: A few hours after it ends), votes sent within the voting time will be read, checked for validity, and then tallied. Then, the recipient of the User of the Month badge will be announced. Good luck!

Criteria (Please Read)

There are a few requirements that your entry must comply with. Failure to do so will result in your entry being considered invalid.

  • You may not enter a vote an admin , we already know they’re the biggest bitches around here so that’d be cheating.
  • Your vote should be honest. Bitch of the Month should be distributed based on who contributed the most to the community this month.
  • You must correctly follow the below steps and formatting for voting.

How to Vote

  1. Click on my profile picture to the left. This should bring up a summary box with some of my information. Then, click the blue “Message” button on the top right of it. This should start a “RE” message.
  2. In the body text, mention (@) the user you are voting for. (Example: @Name). Make sure that you have not misspelled their username. The mention may appear invalid in your draft preview.
  3. (Optional). Below, you may also add a reason why you are voting for them. There is no length requirement or limit to this, but I will probably read it.
  4. Click the blue “Message” button on the bottom left corner of your screen in order to submit your vote.

At any time, you may delete your entry, or edit your entry in order to vote for someone else; Votes are tallied only when the voting closes.

No Forum Rules apply during voting. Go ham.

(This is an obvious joke please do not moderate me moderators :sob:)


I choose myself

I’m bitch of the month
heck i am king of bitches

“I dont even know who you are”


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Fair point

Yeah i’m gonna get you user of the month for August


Then go and find one


TAITC committed murder at least 40 times in the last week using speed running strategies. They get my vote.

Ya’ll who ain’t got none are looking to become one.

noone here is bitch of the month because that would mean they got a bitch


Damn so many bitches, might as well get one myself…

So did we ever find out in the end?

Thanks for doing this for me!


just make the actual one.

@Robotstics he’s the one who made that roleplaying discord

anyway being serious now, do we get to vote banned users or no