Official Forum Rules and Guidelines

General Summary

This is a general summary of conduct on the forum to abide by the rules.

Exhibit responsible behavior

Every reply should be meaningful and on-topic in a thread. Attempt effort into your posts and positively contribute to discussions. Be respectful, even when you disagree. When you disagree, don’t just state that you disagree; explain why and make your point. Avoid making very brief responses that could be translated into a like unless you have something to add to the discussion. Do not circumvent the character limit with clutter/hidden text. When replying to multiple posts, reply to all of them within one post by mentioning the users you are responding to instead of making an individual post for each response. Always use common sense when making posts, as anything you say on this forum in public categories can be found by anyone on the Internet.

Properly categorize when creating topics

For categorizing topics on the forum, you can find each public category easily on the Categories page in the navigation bar. Each category has a pinned “About …” topic with information for use, rules, and accessibility of the category.

Please take some time to read the About topics and all other pinned topics before posting. These will provide the purpose of the categories and instruct you on how to use them.

It is important to note that being ignorant of any rules or guidelines does not excuse you for breaking them.

Punishment System

The moderation team uses a point-based system that determines punishment lengths and types. Depending on the severity of an infraction, you will receive point(s) along with a punishment issued based on your total points. Breaking minor rules may result in just feedback rather than immediate punishment, but repeatedly breaking them will result in official punishment.

Total Points Punishment Given
1 Official warning
2 Suspension (1 day)
3 Suspension (3 days)
4 Suspension (1 week)
5 Suspension (3 weeks)
6 Suspension (3 months)
7 Permanent suspension

Every year, all users who will have their points reset to zero, but their previous moderation history will still exist to refer to in new cases. Users who have accumulated many points may not have their punishments reset if they have broken rules recently.

Special Cases

In specific cases, the punishment system will be disregarded. Punishments will be skipped and immediate deletion of accounts will result when:

  • Bot accounts are made on the forum to spam

  • Multiple accounts are being made with intent to raid the forum

  • A suspended or silenced forum user uses an alternate account to circumvent their punishment (only alt will be removed)

The replies of this topic are the official rules and punishment yields which are linked in the Broken Rules Matrix.



If you spot an exploiter in your server in the game, get screenshots/footage of the exploiting or their stats and contact the @game_moderators with proof. Here are some things you should consider when reporting an exploiter:

  • Do NOT let them know that you are going to report them. If they leave before you can get any proof, we cannot ban them.
  • Make sure you have actual evidence of the person in question exploiting, like screenshots or a video. It is preferred that you upload videos to YouTube. Videos with low quality that are blurry enough for the exploiter’s username to be unreadable is not sufficient. Avoid using the Roblox recorder and use a quality recording software such as OBS.
  • When you report someone, make sure you have a screenshot of their Roblox username. We cannot identify users by their in-game name. Screenshots that are blurry or pixelated which makes names unreadable aren’t usable.

In any case where you do not have proof of a player exploiting, we cannot take action.


If you see someone breaking a forum rule, flag the post for one of the given reasons. In the case that context would be helpful or if there is a different rule violation to notify staff of, you can flag for Something Else, which will automatically send a message to all forum moderators. It would be helpful to cite the broken rule(s) in the reason as well.

@Moderators are also notified of flagged posts in PMs, so if you are being repeatedly harassed privately on the forum, do the same as you would on a public forum post. Do not encourage them by responding, and silently flag the offending posts.

If you want one of your own topics to be closed, flag your own post for Something Else requesting the closure of the topic. Alternatively, you can PM any @trust_level_4 user or forum moderator to do it for you. Keep in mind that you can delete your own topics only if no one has replied to them.


Broken Rules Matrix

Note: No preceding letters indicates General Rules; “GD” = Game Discussion; “S” = Suggestions; “BR” = Bug Reports; “MRR” = Moderation Review Requests; “M” = Marketplace; “G” = Guilds; “A” = Art. For example, “BR2” would be Rule 2 of the Bug Reports Specific Rules, and “2” would be Rule 2 of the General Rules.
# Broken Rule Number of Points Base Punishment Given
12 Impersonating other users or bots 7 Account termination
1 Breaking the forum ToS 3-7 Varies, based on the term broken
11.0 Posting suspicious or malicious links 3 Suspension (3 days)
6 Intentional NSFW content 3 Suspension (3 days)
15 Exploiting loopholes in the rules 1-3 Depends on severity
15.1 Baiting others to break rules 1-3 Depends on rule baited
18 Tagging Vetex in a public post 0-3 Vetex’s discretion
2.0 Harassment of other users/communities 2 Suspension (1 day)
8 Spamming posts 1-2 Silence (1 day)
19 Spreading misinformation with intent 2 Suspension (1 day)
M1.0 Trading items for external currencies 3 Suspension (3 day)
10.2 Evading punishment via alternate account 1 Extension of current punishment
13.1 Abusing TL3 topic edit permissions 1 Official warning and demotion to TL2
2.1 Insulting other users 0-2 Depends on severity
2.2 Extreme language / swearing directed at other users 1 Official warning
3 General trolling 1 Official warning
4 Causing drama 1 Official warning
4.1 Causing toxic drama in #guilds 1 Official warning
5 Discriminatory / insensitive insults/jokes 1 Official warning
6 Unintentional / borderline NSFW content or NSFW profile picture 1 Official warning
10.3 Abusing the flag feature of the forum maliciously 1 Official warning
11.1 Advertising things unrelated to Vetex’s Games 1 Official warning
14 Gaming forum stats 1 Official warning
A1 Unintentional / borderline NSFW art 1 Official warning
G1 Spamming guild ads 1 Official warning
M1.1 Crosstrading items or services 1 Official warning
8.2 Needless topic bumping 0 Feedback
7 Controversial discussion / jokes 0 Feedback
8.1 Poorly formatted / hard-to-read posts of length 0 Feedback
8.2 Needless topic bumping 0 Feedback
8.3 Creating posts that innocently encourage spam 0 Feedback
8.4 Mentioning user(s) needlessly 0 Feedback
9.0 Straying off topic 0 Feedback
9.1 Creating threads lacking a topic 0 Feedback
10.0 Discussing moderation action publicly 0 Feedback
10.1 Questioning flagged posts publicly 0 Feedback
13.0 Misusing categories 0 Feedback
16 Posting in a language other than English 0 Feedback
17 Publicly leaking translations of ancient text 0 Feedback
19 Spreading misinformation unknowingly 0 Feedback
20 Advertising fishing macros 0 Feedback
21 Posting ear-destroyer content without warning users beforehand 0 Feedback
22 Creating a topic with a profane title 0 Feedback
23 Creating an alternate account 0 Feedback
GD1 Posting a suggestion in #game-discussion 0 Feedback
GD2 Miscategorizing / missing a tag in #game-discussion 0 Feedback
A2 Posting art progress or low-effort art in #art 0 Feedback
BR1 Reporting exploitable bugs publicly 0 Feedback
BR2 Reporting exploit scripts publicly 0 Feedback

It is important to know that breaking multiple rules which would result in feedback, especially for the same rule violation within a short timeframe, puts you at risk of potential punishment.

Furthermore, note that points and punishments are given at the discretion of the staff member issuing them. They may not always strictly adhere to the table above.

Note also that forum bans are permanent, and only accumulated points (NOT bans) get reset each year except in severe cases.

Based on the situation, consequences can be extended to the Discord server or in-game if the transgression is of such a caliber.

If there is a need, more rules will be added as deemed necessary. All rules are subject to change.

If at any time you are seeking assistance, have any questions or any concerns, contact a staff member in the @moderators group.


General Rule 1

1. Follow the forum Terms of Service to its full extent.

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General Rule 2

2. Do not engage in or post content to harass individuals or communities. This includes harassing them privately via forum PMs.

  • 2.1. Do not insult individuals. You are free to disagree on and constructively criticize the content of their posts, but it does not warrant you to resort to ad hominem / name-calling to make your point.

  • 2.2. Swearing is allowed to an extent, but do not be excessively vulgar or bypass filtered words. Do not direct profane language towards other people; be civil with your language.

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General Rule 3

3. Do not participate in harmful trolling. Think before posting here on the forum. Joke posts are allowed, as long as they aren’t taken as trolling detrimental to the forum. For example, making a funny satire post about a guild or the game is fine, but purposely being hostile or spreading fake rumors about users, the game, or its groups is not.

  • 3.1. Do not create posts with no content.

  • 3.2. Do not mislead users with clickbait in which the body of the OP is completely unrelated and titled solely to get clicked. This excludes satirical and joke posts but applies for everything else.

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General Rule 4

4. Do not intentionally cause drama. Civil arguments are permitted as long as it doesn’t become fallacious or pointless. Drama would be classified as meaningless arguments or threads to shame people, and posts that are deemed to spark such drama would be counted as intentionally causing drama. For instance, if a user made a post saying “I HATE [insert random person/something here]” with no real purpose than to cause fights or carry on a discussion that already got out of hand from a closed thread, it would count as intentional drama. In addition, do not involve yourself into drama either; only report it.

  • 4.1. Drama in the #guilds category is fine under the condition that it is friendly and doesn’t devolve into toxicity.
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General Rule 5

5. Do not make insults or insensitive jokes based on race, sexuality, gender or any other discriminatory category. This includes using any kind of slurs.

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General Rule 6

6. Do not post NSFW content of any kind. Intentionality matters, meaning anything that is borderline or debatably NSFW will be considered unintentional. If you are unsure whether or not something is safe to post, contact a staff member. On the other hand, any post that is blatantly NSFW will be considered intentional and yield a harsher punishment. Look back at the Broken Rules Matrix for the difference in punishments.

  • 6.1. Use an appropriate profile picture that is safe for work. Your profile picture will be reset if it is deemed as NSFW.
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General Rule 7

7. Do not discuss political, religious or any other similarly controversial topics unrelated to World of Magic. These types of discussions typically do not end well and are usually contentious. Having a username or profile picture inspired by a political/religious figure (as long as the figure is not controversial) is permitted, however.

  • 7.1. Do not make insensitive jokes regarding these topics.
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General Rule 8

8. Do not spam posts. This goes for both topics and replies.

  • 8.1. Do not post large walls of text with minimal separation. When making a lengthy post, make an effort to format it and split it into paragraphs for it to be easier to read. If you need help with formatting, you can privately ask for help from staff.

  • 8.2. Do not bump old topics without a valid reason. This brings aged discussions to the top of Latest. Check the date of the last reply of the topic you wish to reply to, and determine if it would be reasonable to revive it. It is alright to bump old posts if the topic still relevant and there is a good reason to do so.

  • 8.3. Do not create posts that encourage spamming, such as low-effort chain topics (etc. counting to 1000 in replies).

  • 8.4. Only mention users if you are trying to get their attention in a topic, as this notifies them.

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General Rule 9

9. Do not stray topics off-topic. Make an effort to maintain an on-topic discussion.

  • 9.1. Do not make threads that have no topic. Use Discord for such casual conversation.
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General Rule 10

10. Do not discuss any moderation action publicly. This includes moderation on the Discord server. There are exceptions though such as in the circumstance that the manner of the topic is genuine, reasonable, and respectful, only in the situation in which the moderation action taken was clearly irrational or unfair. The consequence of breaking this rule aside from its exceptions varies based on the action at question. Though in any circumstance, If you wish to discuss action taken by staff that you deem unfair, it is preferred that you PM the @moderators.

  • 10.1. Do not publicly question why a post was hidden via flagging. If you feel that your post was flagged unfairly, contact the @moderators privately.

  • 10.2. Do not attempt to circumvent moderation action such as suspensions or silences by making an alternate account. This will result in an extended punishment and deletion of the alt.

  • 10.3. Do not abuse the flagging system to maliciously hide posts.

When requesting review of moderation action taken against you, be civil, respectful, considerate, and direct in your appeal.

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General Rule 11

11. Do not post links that appear suspicious or are malicious.

  • 11.1. Do not advertise anything unrelated to Vetex’s Games through links. This includes using private messages to do this en masse. There are a few exceptions to this rule, such as recommending a game for users to play in the meanwhile.
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General Rule 12

12. Do not impersonate other users or bots.

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General Rule 13

13. Do not misuse categories, and abide by their guidelines. Create topics in the categories they would most fit in along with appropriate tags.

  • 13.1. Regulars (trust level 3 users) are only permitted to recategorize topics of other users if the topic is wrongly categorized or if it is missing proper tags. Regulars should only change the title of topics to clarify it for other users or if it breaks the rules in some way.
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General Rule 14

14. Do not unfairly increase your forum stats. This includes making an alternate accounts to like your posts or creating artificial activity on the forum.

  • 14.1. Do not ask other users to like your posts.
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General Rule 15

15. Do not attempt to exploit loopholes in the rules.

  • 15.1. Do not bait or encourage others to break the rules. This includes falsely pinging Vetex.
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General Rule 16

16. This is an English-only forum, so all posts must be in English.

  • 16.1. A few words in another language is permitted, as long as it follows all other rules and there’s context to support it.
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General Rule 17

17. Do not publicly leak translations of ancient text in World of Magic or Arcane Odyssey. You may only PM translations to other users on request.

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General Rule 18

18. Do not tag Vetex. This may result in a punishment by his discretion. It is preferred that contact him on Twitter @_vetex, or send a private message to him on the forum if it is urgent.

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