Aurem Theorem (More of an analysis)(The Math isn’t Mathing)

Aurem Theorem… see what I did there?

Our Current Understanding:

Aurem is currently a mystery to us as we don’t know exactly what it is or what its exact clear purpose is. What we do know is that originally, Prometheus set out for humans to burn aurem so that it would be transported to Mount Olympus. There, Prometheus would somehow use it to gain power and in return power would be granted upon the individual who burned it. Later on in Arcane Adventures, it was used as a form of currency, but from my understanding was only useful for a handful of uses and not on the scale of Lamina.


How was Cursebeard able to kill the Gifter of Magic?

The whole process of Aurem seems very confusing and seems as if it’s missing a lot of puzzle pieces, especially when it comes to Cursebeard. Think about it, everyone around the world is burning aurem for power, including Cursebeard. After the aurem is burned, Prometheus gets his share of power as well, which includes all the aurem burned from a lot of people. If Cursebeard was able to kill Prometheus due to burning aurem just by himself while Prometheus was also gaining aurem powers but from everyone else burning it including Cursebeard, it only leads to one theory/conclusion. This would mean that the power that humans obtained was greater than the power that Prometheus obtained, but why is that? Why is it that Prometheus set humans to gain more power than himself?


Why did Arthur do what he did?

It’s pretty suspicious as to why Arthur killed Prometheus. If you were power hungry, wouldn’t you want to continue gaining power. Even if Arthur’s goal on the day he killed Prometheus was to gain more power from him, why didn’t he lay low and wait sooner until every droplet of Aurem was gone as he knew he had the upper hand for such a long time and he could obtain more room to prepare? Besides his greed, I believe another factor is at play as to why Prometheus was killed.

Aurem and it’s Relationship to The Gods

In all actuality, regular humans in this world have no reason for Aurem other than a form of currency. When you think about it, the only reason why Aurem was so sought after was because they would gain power from Prometheus and not from Aurem itself. This would mean that Aurem only has a special connection to Gods and not humans. I know this is kinda already a stated fact, but I just wanted to point out a theory why.

Now, something that’s even more important is how aurem is so significant for Gods. Seeing as it’s deep into rock so far down that miners are required, it’s safe to say these formations of this gem existed way longer than humans. Seeing I this, it’s also safe to say that Gods have also been existing longer than humans. The question still remains, what specials connection is there where only gods can gain their power from Aurem. Another topic to think about is how does it transfer to Mount Olympus just by burning it? This is some sort of advanced Ender Pearl action going on here

Lastly, why isn’t Arthur an Unknown?

It’s been stated by tech that Arthur has never been an unknown, but what is the reasoning behind this. Both Zeus and Prometheus are considered former unknowns, yet it’s described that his power surpassed them both. That’s already two unknowns down, so this brings me to a couple ideas.

  1. Arthur’s power diminished after killing Prometheus
  2. During the Cursebeard War, others were there that somehow surpassed Arthur in power
  3. Certain needs outside of power alone are needed to be considered an unknown

Okay, now this is actually the last thing

One last thing I noticed that’s kinda outside of this analysis, is Chaos. When you take some time to think, the whole lore behind the basics of the game is all fine without the addition of Chaos. We know limited knowledge about the gods, Durza, Theos, and the over story and it wouldn’t really change anything if we weren’t informed about Chaos’ existence. I think that a lot of what’s unknown is mainly due to Chaos and that this force is the most vital piece of the puzzle. Is Chaos the reasoning of Magic and Aurem? Who knows, just something to consider.


Also, was Durza considered an Unknown? If not, maybe the criteria for being an unknown isn’t just being powerful.

Like you said, since we basically have 0 info on how Aurem and sacrificing it works, this is all gonna be theory stuff. I’m gonna guess that sacrificing Aurem granted Prometheus a set amount of power. So when he was “weaker” it might’ve given him a lot of power, but as he became stronger, it became less noteworthy relative to his increased strength. This could explain how Cursebeard was able to get close to him in power from his own power boosts. Combine this with the fact that Cursebeard was probably in league with many other human mages and this could explain how they took down Prometheus.

I mean, him being power hungry could’ve been why he didn’t keep laying low. He was probably already one of the strongest humans at the time, and Prometheus could’ve been one of the few beings still above him. So Cursebeard could’ve been impatient and just decided to go for it rather than staying as an Aurem-fetcher.

Like you said, we don’t have nearly enough info on the gods or Aurem to make any solid conclusions. Maybe Aurem is Chaos condensed into energy? Maybe it’s like steroids for the gods? Who knows, but AO should shed some light on it considering it’s much closer to Olympus.

Ah, now this one I can answer somewhat confidently. The answer is… it doesn’t really matter anymore :frpensive:. Unknowns as a concept aren’t canon anymore (any mention of them was scrubbed from the lore doc) and Vetex has said that Cursebeard was indeed the strongest person at the time of AA.

Nope, he WAS apparently still weaker than Theos, but this is super old info so we don’t really know

Chaos is literally magic bro

Or it could be possible that he wasn’t burning the aurem for Prometheus, but instead for Poseidon

I would like to note that somewhere, Tech said that we’re going to learn about Cursebeard and why he did what he did, in AO.
Hell, he even said Cursebeard is in Elysium. The afterlife of heroes.
Either his actions in his life outweighed the bad he did, or this guy is badass as fuck and the real reason he did basically everything from killing Prometheus to forming his pirate gang, had some good intention behind it.

Yeah like you said, burners of aurem may get more power than Prometheus. I assumed it was one of those cases where the person who burns the sacrifice reaps 100% of the goods and the recipient gets a fraction of that. But since multiple people were burning aurem, the difference between sacrificing and receiving must’ve been incredibly substantial.

This could’ve been either because Prometheus’s hubris assured him that a single human would never become powerful to defeat him, or maybe Prometheus knew this risk existed but was so desperate to be the most powerful god that he took the risk of making humans extremely powerful.

i have an answer to all of this, arther had plot armor

clearly stupid arthur cant even take Freedrock place as 11th Unknown… what a fucking ni- loser


Durza was not an unknown. I think there is a criteria for it that’s more than just power. Durza also wasn’t using the absorption curse’s full potential clearly

He was definitely more powerful than Theos. that’s probably been retconned.