What happened? What made vetex ban fish macros after all these posts?

bc it was too op

Initially perceived it as being a fair thing to do that didn’t offer up an advantage but was argued against this by claiming it did offer an unfair advantage (it does). Pretty much it. They just thought it was fair while others did not and ultimately Vetex came to agree that it is unfair. Nothing more to it.

Just imagine someone getting a ton of sunken items just because they let their pc run autofishing while they sleep frfr

I’m not sure the exact reason, I just remember there being a ton of controversy and outrage at the concept of autofishers at the time, that could have contributed to it. there were also people selling autofishers for real money (iirc) and being able to distribute them freely would make a lot of people (a lot of them probably being kids) run .exe files from untrusted sources, which is the perfect recipe for viruses.
maybe part of it was that people who could code were allowed to get a huge advantage over people that couldn’t? it’s basically free money, items, and top-level gear. I was one of the first people to make an autofisher afaik, and I just made it for myself. it was pretty unfair tbh. being able to fish while sleeping was definitely op but it was nice being able to keep up with people that had tons of free time and fished in the background the whole time they were awake

honestly i feel like they just didnt want to deal with macro users early on since it can be hard to tell if they are actually macroing or not

at least i hope so cuz the explanation was complete bs

Didn’t seem to bother vetex when Headless was doing it.

If I remember correctly somebody posted autofisher code on the forum but it got deleted.
And one of the responses to the whole macro outrage was “learn to code lmao :)”.

Probably this but I still find it weird he did it after posting stuff I quoted in the op.

What do you mean? vetex was fine with macros but suddenly did a 180 and banned them.

idk who took the decision but yeah

Macros, just like what Headless said, doesnt inject scripts into the game. However, at the same time it’s a third party software that gives an advantage, in other words it’s standing in a fine line between bannable and not-bannable.

Due to it being in the middle, it’s all left to the community’s feedback to decide what to do with it and I’m assuming it was negative, resulting to it being bannable. Vetex was probably fine with it at first considering it truly is not doing anything wrong but complaints probably piled up and forced his hand on the matter.

Though if it didnt become bannable, sunken item’s value would probably drop by a lot and assuming someone were to fish without the use of macro, would think of it as unfair.

Imagine fishing for something that has a low chance of obtaining and without the help of tools, only to find out it’s basically not worth anything due to people auto-farming them, making it too common.

People started talking about autofishing macros in July and there was an outrage right away but it took vetex until October to ban them.

Read this thread - Headless uses autofishing?
tldr: if you don’t want to waste your time on fishing manually just make your own macro.

Aight now that’s interesting, thought it started around september and took Vetex a month to make them bannable.

We can’t really auto fish now since we can’t fish while standing against a wall, and fish knockback.

yes the Small Bluefish gonna smack yo face